Remembering Pat Tillman

A man who should never be forgotten

thank god we can't talk politics or else I'd ask why should he be remembered any more than the many who died there?

nothing political about it. It's what he gave up to risk his life and why. I didn't suggest he should be remembered any more than others who died.

When we think about football, or pro sports in general, we like to notice the character of the athlete. This guy had character to remember

Very true that no life lost in war is truly worth more than another ... but he represents a very unique scenario ... a high profile professional athlete walking away in the prime of his career to enlist ... a fine example for others ... regardless of any politics.

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I don't want to upset anybody here but I don't feel that Tillman was a "fine example for others" nor do I assume he had good character.
IMO he quit in order to join a misguided invasion and war effort in a desert far from US in order to play Cowboys and Indians with live ammo with a fierce opponent. For what again? His government lied about the war, and lied about his death. 15 years later nothing has changed. I always thought of him as a somewhat whacked out patriotic zealot who wanted to hunt and shoot people.
I don't much care for Ted Nugent either.
If he quit in order to build homes for the homeless, or something life affirming I would want to remember him.

not much to say to that, except I find it very sad that you feel that way.

Without further delving into the politics of the "Afghanistan War" ... you are applying your politics to Tillman's decision ... much like many of the far right defame Kapernick's actions as "leftie/commie" antics.

Whether the war itself was "right or wrong" Tillman's decision to walk away from more money than most of his countrymen would ever see in their lifetime to risk his life alongside fellow soldiers was IMO impressive

I agree about Ted Nugent ... but that is. amateur of politics ... I don't see what Tillman did as political ... volunteers from across the political spectrum enlisted after 9/11 ... I doubt most of the more affluent recruits did it to see field action ... they knew their education or expertise would keep them out of that role.

so taking politics out of the equation you are saying that what's impressive about Tillman's decision is that he quit a 7 figure job in order to take a lower paying job that risks his life along with colleagues. ? Is that what's impressive here?

In what they considered the defence of their country ... not many did it ... so yes ... but clearly you disagree and you are entitled to your opinion.

What is impressive is the sacrifice he made to do what he thought was right.

Ah...thanks FYB. That makes a lot of sense.