I hope everyone agrees that the Subject of this Post is never off topic. It doesn't matter the name we give to this day, the purpose is the same, to give proud and profound THANK YOU to the Service Men and Women of Canada and the United States, past, present and future as they "Stand Guard" for us under the Maple Leaf and Stars and Stripes.
It is because of their dedication and devotion to duty that our two great Countries stand side by side and are truly the "Land of the Free" and the "Home of the Brave"!
Personally, I have been and always will be, proud to tell others that my Neighbors are the Canadian people.
May God Bless those who protect us and our two great Countries!

Worth a read:

[i]It’s Remembrance Day. But not for everyone. The Greater Essex County District School Board in Ontario circulated an e-mail to the 75 schools it runs in places like Windsor and Leamington. The memo says teachers should be preparedto exempt Muslim students from Remembrance Day.

“Some families may be reluctant to have their children attend your location municipality’s ceremonies. Please note that meaningful alternate activities should be provided at the schools for those families who do not wish their children to participate in any Remembrance Day ceremonies.?

In case you were wondering which families they might be referring to, the school board didn't say specifically but pointed teachers to two Muslim-themed websites, including the story about the first Muslim soldier in the Canadian Forces who wore a hijab, an Islamic head covering.

But Remembrance Day is a central part of Canada. It remembers our history, and the men and women who fought and died to keep us free. It is not a dark day, an embarrassing day, a racist day or a day of shame.

It is a day of remembering why we are free, and what we stand for, and who sacrificed to make us this way.

It’s not a religious day, like Christmas. It’s a day for everyone.

It’s a disgrace that any family would object to it – especially an immigrant family who came here to benefit from our country. It would call into question the basis on which they applied for and were granted citizenship.

And even if some old bigot from a backwoods village in Pakistan or Somalia doesn’t want to respect Canada, that’s where our schools come in and teach those bigots’ kids and grandkids what it means to be Canadian.

It’s insulting that either parents or the school board thinks Remembrance Day is in any way anti-Muslim. Canada fought in the Boer War against Afrikaaners, the First World War against Germans, the Second World War against Germans and Italians and Japanese. We fought against North Korea. What on earth could possibly be objectionable to a Muslim family about any of that?

Could you imagine if a German or Japanese family objected? The obvious question would be: Do you think Hitler or Mussolini or Hirohito were right? That’s the implication of Muslim families objecting to Remembrance Day -- that we were wrong.

Or maybe it’s that we are wrong today. Because if you look at all the recent wars and military missions Canada has done, it’s all been in Muslim lands.

To protect Muslims in Kosovo. To protect Muslims in Kuwait. To protect Muslims in Afghanistan, especially Muslim girls who weren’t even allowed to go to school. To stop the Islamic State terrorists from butchering everyone around them.

One hundred and fifty-eight Canadians died trying to liberate the hellhole of Afghanistan from the Taliban.

If I were a Muslim immigrant, I would sing O Canada extra loud. I wouldn’t just wear a poppy. I’d be out on the street selling them. I would be thanking Allah that such a generous and open and loving and giving country as Canada not only tried to fix their failed states, but has let in close to a million Muslims, half since 9/11.

What kind of school board sends around a memo allowing children to be exempt from Remembrance Day ceremonies, just weeks after terrorist murders of two Canadian Forces soldiers, including one standing guard at the war memorial?[/i]

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Hmm...I've heard of JW kids being exempted because JWs believe that all states, and therefore all wars, are literally Satanic.

Without seeing those websites I can't guess why Canadian Muslims would object, but it's not quite accurate to say it's not a religious day...are there any official Remembrance Day ceremonies without renditions of "O God our help in ages past" and/or "Abide with me"? Both were featured today at the Charlottetown observance, along with several other Christian hymns. Like elsewhere in the country, we seem to have had record numbers at the ceremony.

I have a hard time with anyone who claims to be against “all wars”.

War, to me, is never the issue; the issue is why is the war being fought?

So you can legitimately be for or against any particular war.

But to say you are against all war on principle is problematic.

Personally, I’d say Gulf War 2 was an unjustifiable war. The excuse was that Saddam Hussein was supposed to have weapons of mass destruction, and he didn’t. So that to me was an unjust war that I oppose. Kudos to Chretien for keeping us out of that one.

But WW2? To go to war against Hitler is to me, justified. So I do not oppose our having fought that war.

Seems to me that if someone opposes all wars, regardless of cause, that is an amoral position to take, because it means that said person does not believe that anything is worth fighting for. So if someone believes that nothing is worth fighting for, then I’d suggest that person has no strong moral beliefs in anything in particular.

I recall, many years ago, in the city in which I grew up, an NDP type peace activist won the City’s ‘person of the year’ award. In her acceptance speech, she said how great she thought it was that someone (her) was being recognized for, get this, “fighting for peace.”

Fighting for peace.”

Think about that.

I don’t think she did.

Our freedom was not free.

that's because they didn't

from what I can gather Ezra Levant(whom I generally enjoy watching) possible jumped the gun on this one. the school was notified by letter that there may be some students that wont participate in school trips to ceremonies (which is understandable considering recent events to the 2 fallen heros)

Thanks for clearing that up.

It has been obvious for some time that certain cells within the Muslim faith are determined to murder anyone who fails to see their point of view. ISEL has recently made this graphically clear to the world with their beheadings of innocent people.
Other Muslim cells like Hesbalah (spelling) Taliban, etc. are of the same determination. Muslims who are against these murderous actions are on record as condemning them. Unfortunately, I don't see them doing a whole lot to deter their murderous thugs from not only the killing of innocents but also from treating women and children like second class citizens.
Their rate of population growth is about four times ours, meaning that their intent is to not only occupy our lands but to insure that the rest of us succumb to the Muslim faith. It goes without saying that many Muslims are fine people and respect the laws of our land and of our religious beliefs. Unfortunately their hands appear to be tied in terms of deterring their terrorist brothers. This will likely end in a third world war unless our western governments get a handle on the situation. It appalls me to read that 18 and 19 year olds, born in North America, are turning away from their Islamic Temples to put their own spin on their religion. For this, we will likely get lead into another war, not of our making to fight and ultimately die for our own freedom.

I highly value my freedom in North America and the free world and I'm sure, like most of you, would be willing to fight for it as our forefathers did. Let no one take away our Democratic way of life.
I would also fight like hell to keep Christ in Christmas and God in our National Anthem but that's another topic isn't it?
Or is it? hmmm.

God bless and grant eternal peace to our war dead.

Dare I say Oskie wee wee at this point?

It would be nice if our government treated our veterans as they deserve to be treated.

This the first time ever Rick Mercer has pre-released his 'rant' before his show airs. Give a listen and you will understand why.