Remember while tail gating this labor day

Limit the consumption of booze and keep it hidden.

RW...If it is hidden you can't really count it! Beer consumption is so important at any good labour day tilt. I am a Rder fan and have always enjoyed going to games at McMahon (great atmosphere) and one of these years we plan on heading to Calgary following the Riders-Bombers game for the Eskimos-Stamps tilt. Looks like a lot of fun. All the best against those dreaded Eskimos!!!! Cheers.

Well they have new restrictions and drunk in a public place will be one of those that will be adhered too. Just thought I would remind people so they have fun at the game with out listening to the game in the paddy wagon that's all. Yes for sure conceal your booze in a cup and do not over do it. And most of all have lots of fun.

..the best place to conceal your beer is in your tummy....