Remember When....

I think bringing it back each and every year, including the Miss Grey Cup (award a scholarship or something) would do well for the CFL. The parade would bring people out to watch, even those who don't normally watch football, and maybe, just maybe, attendance would grow.

Agree. Good post.

I think may of the people (read women) who were and are against beauty pageants are many just a tad jealous of said beauty. :wink:

Good thread . A little story for you all about a certain 12 yr old hormonally charged boy back in 1972 . My neighbour and good friend of our family lived 3 doors up from us back then , and their then 18 yr daughter was named Miss Tiger-Cat at the 72 Grey Cup . I guess I don't have to tell you that a certain young lad (no names mentioned ;)) had a certain crush on an "older" girl in his neighbourhood . I also became the most popular dude in my school and received legendary status from all the guys in my grade 6 class when they found out that I personally knew such a celebrity and that Miss Tiger-Cat was actually a neighbour of mine and had actually been in my house. ;DYup it's hard to believe that it was 45 yrs ago , anyway that would make my 12 year old crush around 63 years old now , so listen Arlene if yer still out there , I'm still available . ;D

Sadly Arlene didn't win the pageant, the crown that year went to Miss Winnipeg shown here being presented with her winning crown by none other then Lorne Greene aka Ben Cartwright .

I went out with her sometime after 72. :wink:

The belief back then was: the team that won Miss Grey Cup
wouldn't win the Grey Cup.

LOL !!! Well Dan , you old dog you , I'm jealous ;DI guess it's no wonder why they call ya Dan the Man ;D

The two of you could date now in order to bring everything full circle ;D

I REALLY don't understand your logic and I'm sure Bobo doesn't either. There is no circle thing ??Bobo was dreaming the impossible dream and I was knocking down windmills. Simple. ;D ;D

You think any of them are available? :-*

I remember this !

Did she remain hot as the years past?

;DSure they're available EVM and probably just the right speed for ya ;D

Sad to say but I lost touch with her right about the time that she started dating Dan :cry: ;DIn all seriousness she moved out a few years after in the mid seventiesand I haven't seen her now in well over 40 years . So in answer to your question I haven't a clue what she would look like today BUT trust me she was a real looker in her day a real regular pussy cat . :-*

Miss Blue Bomber looks like Mila Mulroney.

Is it just me or is it getting hot in here?....Lookin good ladies

A Miss Grey Cup would be awesome.

Bloody political correctness.

How is ......

treating people with respect

giving them free stuff

having them rep the team and community

cheering them in a parade

giving them the 15 min of fame and attention

PC incorrect ?

Answer : only in Canada EH ?

Miss Grey Cup is politically incorrect but cheerleaders are OK? ::slight_smile:

Why is Miss Grey Cup politically incorrect, what is wrong with it? You have Miss Canada/World/Universe. It isn't like we want them to be topless or posing with a bucket and mop (although topless would be ok by me! :wink: )