Remember When....

We had a Miss Grey Cup and a Grey Cup parade before the GC, and then a parade for the Champions afterwards? :cry:

There was a Grey Cup Parade in 2013 in Regina.

There has been a Grey Cup parade every time Regina hosted the big game. And there will be another one in 2020 or whenever the Riders host again. Don't forget the victory parades as well in -30c after Grey Cup wins. Its what we do.

… there was a ceremonial kickoff by the Prime Minister or Governor General?

Yes, the PM doing the ceremonial kick off, I remember Trudeau shanking the sucker!

Good on SK for doing the CFL right.

The GG never did a kick off, but since the GG is the Queen representative in Canada we could hear: "And the Queen boots a 50 yarder!"

Who was the bear footed kicker? I remember him kicking in the snow.

The good old days.

There was a parade in Vancouver in 2014.

I remember the ones you are talking about.

CBC broadcast the parades.

Miss Grey Cup featured all 9 Miss ( team rep )

One of the things I miss about the 80's

We are far too politically correct to have a Miss Grey Cup. Maybe cheerleader all star team. One cheerleader from each team.

Oooooohhhhhhhhh, I like this idea. 8)What ever happened to the cheerleader thread?

When I was young and every GC was held in Toronto, my father would take us to all the parades. I loved the GC parade the best. So much fun and antics going on. People laughing and cajoling. There were hats and buttons with team coloured ribbons. Many guys were a little tipsy. Everyone was happy. Each team always had their own float with players from the team. Cheerleaders everywhere. Lots of people. Lots of horses. Lots of clowns. Lots of bands. I hated to see it end....I really believe that these parades helped make me a CFL fan.

The last good GC parade I saw was in Hamilton a few years back. Such good fun.

Thanks Tabbyfan for stirring up some good memories.

They won prizes and trips.

They were out in the community and road the team float , or sometimes in a car.

This should be brought back.

Is it to PC ?

The ladies enjoyed it , and it helped launch some into the next stage of their career.

A former Miss Stampeder, Sandra Jansen went into news broadcasting and the politics . That was through the connections she made.

In fact she may have even won Miss Grey Cup. Not sure though.

Wow! My eyes almost popped out! A bevy of beauties or as PTBO might say, "A plethora of beauties!"

What year was that RedandWhite?

I hope all these ladies are nice old Grandma's and had amazing lives.

...have no idea on the year there, maybe late 60s?

I also remember, at the GC game you were given a cardboard placard , one side had the east representative and the other side had the west’s, you would hang it from your neck and the idea was that you would flip to whichever side was leading in the game…it was all in good fun! We have lost alot of “the good old days” but I suppose some of these things we are talking about are too “old fashioned” or don’t reflect todays times…

Actually, Roland Michener did it in 1972. And David Johnston did it 40 years later at the 100th.

But yes, it was normally the Prime Minister.

RedandWhite must have forgotten that these are the beauties that competed for Miss Grey Cup in 1965. Miss Stampeder won the title.

Hamilton won the Grey Cup that year 22-16, with the help of 3 safety touch scores compliments of the Winnipeg Blue Bombers.

...well, seeing that I was only two and a half my memory is pretty shady around then

Who the hell came up with the dumb idea to stop the pageant ?

This needs to come back.

It seems women were more interested right across the CFL decades ago, games were something couples did together.

The teams that still work hard today at engaging the female fan - seem to be filling seats.

Is this something so simple as female fans just aren't going to CFL games in the markets that struggle?

... the game was so important to the country that, in an era of only two channels, it was televised on both.