Remember When?....Rob Murphy

Remember when some Cat fans questioned why Obie signed Gauthier and Goodspeed instead of Murphy?

Trades and signings below which doesn't even touch on draft picks and rookie imports. All done in under two years. Any disbelievers still out there?

Keith although he hasn't seen the field

Obie did try and at one point CHML reported he was close to signing.

I don't what Wrong With Murphy...
It could the coaching In Toronto...
It could be he lost a Step
Or a Combo of Both

He was one most Feared Tackle in the League

Many times players just won't play for a coach they have no confidence in. I believe we saw that here with Taffe.

My bf and I were talking about that and I said "Thank God we signed Gauthier instead of Murphy". We're paying him less than Murphy is making and he's a great leader and doing amazing work on the field.

onknight how is it coaching? lol maybe he always was overrated, the only reason he was talked about so much was because of his dirty play.

8) And the bonus with Gauthier is that he's a Canadian, which makes him a lot more valuable than Murphy is !!!

Murphy is a symptom not a cause.
It would be like plugging Murphy into the Ham. lineup of 2005-07. You cant just throw one or two good O-linemen and surround them with junk and a struggling QB with no one to throw to and expect good things to happen.
Put any O-lineman in the league you can name with that Argo squad and you couldn't tell the difference.

Any disbelievers still out there?
O'Billovich's approach to BUILDING this team has FORCED yours truly to eat a couple servings of CROW with a heaping helping of HUMBLE PIE for dessert ... and I'm LOVING every morsel.


I can’t believe Murphy lost so much so fast, so IMHO it is a combination of coaching and the rest of the O-line.

Did anyone hear Bart Andrus talk about Rob Murphy's play.

The FAN590 asked Bart if Murphy's play was due in part to an injury.

Andrus reply was he didn't know if Murphy was injured or not.

That struck me as very odd..

If you’re referring to the Andrus interview on the FAN (the “Insider” at 8:10) Thursday morning, Andrus mentioned that Murphy has had back spasms recently.

Back spasms or brain cramps?

Maybe both but I don’t think at age 32 you go from being a perennial all star to a very ordinary left tackle in less than one season without extenuating circumstances.
Not to belabor the Argos O line problems, but Murphy was being beaten on pass rushes to his outside shoulder earlier in the year. When he “cheats” to the outside, he is being beaten inside and, in the Montreal game at least, the left guard (Jeff Keeping) was not in a position to help out with the inside rush in most cases.
Murphy’s feet and lateral movement seem slow which could relate to the back problem. In any case, left tackle must be a significant concern for the Argos at this point.

He did mention afterwars that Murphy had "back spasms" and Murphy's "Back had locked up"

But his first responce was that he didn't know if Murphy was injured. Maybe he meant he didn't know if it was affecting Murphy's play, but...

There's a difference between "hurt" and "injured"...