Remember when?

Remember when the Spectator used to do features on players?.....I remember one story back in the 70's where the Spec reported (with pictures) on all the fashion styles of the day that the Tiger-Cats wore.....I'll never forget the photos of Seth Miller in a polyester "disco" get-up.....powder blue if I'm not mistaken....arghhhhhhhhhhh!

I also remember in 1972 when a local car dealership offered our star players free cars for the long as the player's name and Ticats logo and the dealership's name was plastered all over the car.....Chuck Ealey and Henry Waszczuk each drove one...(to name two)

They were little white cars of some sort if memory serves. (Toyotas?)

very strange days indeed! :lol:

Anyone else remember some wierd stuff? :smiley:

Additionally, I recall the Ticats having Angelo Mosca and Bill Danychuk (this year's Wall of Fame recipient) run some sort of wierd work-out display at the Canadian National Exhibition one year in the early 70's....a bunch of us kids took the train to the C.N.E. and ran across the set-up. (and probably took some athletic testing.... :lol: )

And I can't forget the day I skipped class and rode my bicycle to (newly opened) Eastgate Square during Grey Cup week in 1972 to meet Ron Lancaster and a bunch of other Saskatchewan players who were signing autographs.....that was very cool to meet Ron as the only image I had of him at that time was from a cheesy black and white TV!

I remeber 1999 when the Tiger-Cats won the Grey Cup. Man that was a good time.