Remember when Burris would run?

It wasn't all that long ago. Last week as a matter of fact. I saw him do it in the preseason last year too. It completely opens up the opposing D and creates an increased multitude of options. But, of course we just have to have those low percentage long bombs early and often today to put our D on the field way more than they should have been. And Burris' running game continued to be non-existent throughout. UGH!!!!
By the middle of the 3rd quarter it was quite obvious we were trying to force plays, (coming from the sideline I assume). That's when we really needed to bail today and just let Burris run if the play is not a guarantee.

What was said above. :thup:
Burris should be rolling out and looking to run at least occasionally instead of sitting there getting sacked.

Perhaps they don’t want him injured, he is the teams leading rusher!

I remember when Burris was 31 years old...

Burris was running....FOR HIS LIFE.

O-Line sucked tonight. Again.

Until that area of the team gets fixed (at least on offence), it's tough to properly judge the other areas.

Burris: Coach if no receiver is open should I just run for the 1st down myself?

Austin: No Henry. We have no use for rushing yards. Just put your head down and take the sack.

I like your adaptation of coach / QB banter even more than mine lol

But seriously...this team is still only 1 game out of 2nd, and will be getting healthier in time to come. Both lines are their weakness, but I am sure they are looking at NFL cuts as well as a guy or 2 returning. Even if this is a rebuilding year...Austin is clearly not going to settle...he has made a pile of moves. I know it is painful to watch the rebuilding process, but it will come. Enjoy watching the new guys come in, and in a year when some of them are shining it will make the moves worth it. You now have one of the youngest Ds in the league, if not the youngest.


You can't build a tight-knit team when players keep leaving with injuries. Ham has gone through 47 personnel so far this year. One of the reasons the Sask D is so effective is that except for a few minors changes, this is the line that trained together, went through the pre-season together and week after week in the reg season have improved together. Ham acquires Brandon Issac. He comes into the game and immediately is able to limit Kory's rushing yards - then he is out w/ an injury. Lamarr out w/ an injury. It's hard on a team and that's a fact.

Will be interesting to see what they come up with in the bye-week.

I believe Austin came in to the season knowing they were going to struggle as well. He can say 'we are here to win now' as much as he want's but he clearly does not like how this team was built and is tearing it apart. he lack an OL, which I think he awaits a guy or 2 from NFL cuts, along with DL as well. The young secondary played fairly well tonight for their experience...give em a few games.

"Last week as a matter of fact?"
In Regina, Burris ran the ball 4 times for a total of 10 yds.
In Guelph, 4 times for 16 yds.

I agree. This team needs time. Issac proved to be a sound acquisition, unfortunately he's injured.

With the ever growing injury list, the very very least desireable thing is to have your quarterback visiting there as well. Yes, run Burris occasionally, especially when he needs to. Doing so regularly is a recipe for disaster. Better to find a successful and persistent running game instead.

I think Hank should be a little more accurate on the sort pass, too many hoppers and ground throws.

The reason why he is one hopping and throwing short passes is the same reason wht there is no running game - no blockig on the "O" line. Just look at the video. it does't matter who you have receivng or at RB if Burris doesn't have time to get them the ball. The O line can make a QB look very bad.

Agreed and Sask. could have one of the best "O" and "D" lines in the league.