Remember TROY KOPP

I would like to know a few things about Troy Kopp. It was in the Jeff Reinbold era that Troy Kopp came off the benck after I think a Eric Blount last few second kickoff return to the oponent 5, and then Kopp threw a last second TD pass.

My question is

-what team did the bombers play against?
-who caught the ball for last second TD?
-what was Kopp stats the next week?

I remember Winnipeg was making Kopp king of the town, and almost named the ciy after him. He brought them the only win at the time and made a nice game playing score but that's about it.

I think the next game they played was against Calgary and he struggled in the 1st half, and 2nd half did much better. I don't think Milt Stegall was on the team. He left for a NFL stint with the Saints and got injured and then he asked for his release and came back to Winnipeg and scored on a reverse opening kickoff TD in his first game back.

I know Kopp got into a bad accident near Banff and flipped his SUV after a few years he got cut by the Stampeders. Around 2001 or 2002.

Anyone got a video of his TD also?

It's funny - I brought this up after the win against Calgary (because of the similarities in finally winning a game, with a back up QB, and super pumped fans at home). Then in the weekend paper (free press) there was an article about comparing Dinwiddie to Kopp. Ed Tait (I think) wrote about the game, and it wasn't quite the comeback I had thought.
Anyways, it was 1998, WPG started 0-10, or was winless in 10 games - as fans we forgot what it felt like to win a game. I was at the game with my dad and my brothers, and like usual we weer getting our butts kicked (I think by Sask) when Kopp came in in the 4th. I don't remember what the score was, or who got the final TD, but I do know it was an incredible comeback. The fans went absolutly ape, it felt like we won the Grey Cup! So Troy Kopp was the toast of the town until we played in Toronto the next week (eerily similar....) where he played the first of a string of poor games. Eventually he was also replaced that year. I think we had something like 4 different QB's start a game that year.

Man I don't miss those Reibold years! :stuck_out_tongue:

and to thing Stegall probably still caught for 1200 that year... makes all of his stats even more surreal

The game was in 1998. The Bombers were in the 2nd and last year of the Reinbold era. They were 0-10 at the time, playing against Saskatchewan in the Labour Day rematch (before it was called the Banjo Bowl). It was also guaranteed win night. Everyone in attendance would have received a free ticket to the last game of the season if the Bombers lost. Seems funny to guarantee a win when you are 0-10, but the Bombers were to host the Grey Cup that year and would have all the temporary seating set up for the final game and could give everyone a free seat in the temporary seating if they lost.

The Bombers were down 28-10 late in the 3rd quarter. Jeff Reinbold had stuck with T.J. Rubley through all of the first 10 loses to the point that Troy Kopp had barely seen the field. However, Reinbold, who for some reason loved Rubley, finally made the decision to pull Rubley late in the 3rd quarter and Kopp stared warming up. However when the Bombers got the ball back, a penalty on a punt return pushed them back to their own 5 yard line with only a couple of minutes left in the 3rd quarter. So down 28-10, ball on the 5 yard line, playing for a 0-10 team and about 17 minutes left in the game, with virtually no CFL experience, Kopp entered the game. He would lead the team 105 yards to a touchdown, and since by that time the 4th quarter was well under way, it was the first of 4 4th quarter TDs that Kopp led the Bombers to. The Bombers later scored with about a minute and a half left to make the score 35-29 (they missed 2 2-point convert attempts which accounts for the 19 points they have scored by this point of the 4th). The Bombers attempted a short kick, but failed to recover. The defense held and Saskatchewan attempted to pin the Bombers by their own goal line with only 40 second to play, but Eric Blount took the punt back 90 yards to the Riders 10. The Bombers gained 5 yards on first down, making it 2nd and goal from the 5. That is when Troy Kopp threw the winning TD pass. I believe the receiver was Mitch Running, but I could be wrong about that part. It was a great game, and it was exciting to be in the stands for it. One of the few good memories of the Reinbold years.

Reinbold was 6-26 as Bombers head coach for all of 1997 and the first 14 games of 1998 before he got fired. However he was 3-1 vs Saskatchewan during that time.

All of the fans ran onto the field after the win. Reinbold encouraged fans to do this every time the Bombers won. I guess he could afford to do this since his team rarely won.

Oh and by the way, Stegall caught for only 403 yards in 1998. That was the year he tried out for the New Orleans Saints and missed the whole 0-10 start to the season. I don't believe he ever caught a single CFL pass that was thrown by TJ Rubley.

If Stegall never went down...who knows maybe Rubley would be working on his seventh MOP this year?

lol good point. Certainly having Stegall would have made life easier for Rubley, the Bombers didn't have much talent at receiver while Stegall was gone.