Remember TRAVIS CLARIDGE Friday night

As most of you already know, the team is planning a moment of silence in memory of Travis Claridge and some type of tribute to honour the man that made such an impact during his short time with us!

I can think of no better fitting tribute than for us to whip the Argos once again! :thup: :thup:

Anybody got any fond memories or even funny stories to tell about Travis???

I happened to be at practice today at the right time and got lucky enough to see a "dry run" on the Tigervision of the Travis Claridge presentation.....very profound and something you don't want to miss.....oh yeah, the number 57 is already on the back of the player's helmets and looks very nice......good job by the equipment staff


The best Claridge memory for me was the way he man handled Joe Montford. I actually felt sorry for Joe. :wink:

I can say in all honesty I will be shedding a tear that night.

Travis was a class act and a wall on the field. Something tells me the Cats are going to have a 13th man looking down on them for a long time to come.

Travis if you a listening, you've always got a seat in Row 13 of Box J with me big guy!



Well, it would only be appropriate for the tribute to Travis Claridge to be a good one. He had some great things to say about what the organization did for him, and so I'm sure that presentation will be done well.

And so I certainly do hope there will be a sold-out crowd there for that, followed by the Ticats defeating their rivals again. I'm sure that what Travis would have wanted. :slight_smile:

plus with the team wanted to win in memorie of him should give us a bigger push for the win, plus the crowd should be nuts! also dont forget we r getting those free towels! shud be a site to see!! go cats!

What I remember is him standing in the rain behind the bench in Ottawa and him coming over and saying "it's not a reinjury of my knee...I'll be OK...I'll be back soon". "Damn I want to be out there"!

I got something of the same response when we met him after the game back in Hamilton...he said he "would be back next year better than ever"!

I'll always remember his infectious smile that overwelmed his intimidating size!***

***First time I met him at "Philthy's" I asked him about the "chop chop" in Emmett! Only a person from the Sarnia-Port Huron area would know about the "rights of passage" of a visit there for a young man! We had some real good laughs about that!

***'s a "peeler" bar! :lol:

He was a great and talented player and an amazing person. I truly believe he was one of the most genuinely nice and "real" people I've come across. I haven't met too many people who are who they appear to be. It was a pleasure. He had a great outlook for someone so young.

What I remember most is the train ride back from Ottawa after he was hurt. Not just the fact that he hobbled on crutches all the way back to see the fans, but he was so worried that his family was upset that he was hurt. He made a point of saying how much he wanted to be back to help out the team and make the season better for the fans.

When I was at the game on Friday watching the guys play with the all whites on it reminded me of him and made me feel a little sad. It's hard not to miss a guy like him.

I see that his mother has been invited to the game tonight!

"Nice Touch" Ticats :thup: :thup:

Woody the Cats have also invited his dad.