Remember this fabulous night?

4 picks, total domination. We had to put down the riding crops and handcuffs after this game.


Grow up.

Your point? Peyton Manning, arguably the best QB playing the game right now, set a franchise record last night when he threw 6 INTs. People have bad games.


Not only bad games but people have bad days.


I don't know there swervin....this one looks good to...

Just remember Mervin/RLR, that BC is due to have a game just like that one-- and it might come this Sunday.

To quote a hilarious movie: "You got knocked the fuck out!" :lol:

Joseph didn't have a bad game the BC defense was just doing their thing.

Looked up "Morron" in the dictionary and it says: " see SwervinMervin, aka "RLR".

Way too improve the rep of Lions fans on this forum Swervin. Real classy.

Riders-Bombers Grey Cup all the way.

Yup after Winnipeg barely beat Montreal and the Riders barely beat Calgary I'm not holding my breath. BC will be playing Toronto unless Winnipeg can somehow get their crap together. I would like to see Stegall in the Grey Cup and wouldn't mind it so much if he won. But it sure the heck won't be against the Riders.

8 of Bc's 14 wins were by a 10 points or less-- 7 of those being by a touchdown or less. So BC is barely winning in half of their wins. They could have easily lost some of those games. You are unable to use the win is a win argument now, since you have chosen to say the Riders barely beat Calgary- but the margin was two points, and Burris played the whole game. In the last week of the season, the Lions only won by one point, over the back-up QB! So if I were you, I would be worried about this game- it could very well be the end of the Lions reign as GC champs!

A win is a win is a win if you are a Lion fan...unless of course the win was by the Riders.
Then all sorts of new rules apply...well we barely won. We played a weak team. We played the back-up QB.
It was a fullmoon. What ever excuse Lion fans can come up with to dismiss the Riders.
Fact is, we have had a good year, we are a good team, and regardless of who wins this coming Sunday, it has been fun.
I think many of the trash talking Lion fans on these forums will be devastated if they lose Sunday.
Win or lose, Riders fans will still be partying.
I can hardly wait for what should be an entertaining game.

and the Leos beat you by over 30 points this year. The one time the Riders beat us, it was by only 12, and the Leos beat you the last time by 3.

Riders are on a win streak...think it may be about time for them to lose a game?

Looks like the ones who need to "grow up" are the Riders fans who are so scared that their beloved team is going to lose again that they will do and/or say anything to put down the Leos and their fans.

Nice reminder, Mervin.

Notice who won where this year. Icluding preseason we won 2 in you barn this year and you won two in ours. Keep using my name RLR, its the ultimate compliment.


A one game streak? Ummmm pay attention man.


I had to revive this thread, because I said that the Lions are due to have a bad game, and at the worst possible time. Yesterday was that day. The Riders scored 16 points of off Lion turnovers, which proved to be the difference in the game.

Folks- read some of Swervin's brashness and inappropriateness and you see why he deserves some appropriate smack back!!

Riders Ruled
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