Remember this Classic from 2011!!

Remember this classic High Scoring Eastern Final from November 2011 Hamilton at Montreal on
Youtube. I think after that game Montreal was not the same winning and dominating team in the East
and the CFL?

Some good memories there. The team with no playoff wins in the past decade upsets the favoured home team and two-time defending Grey Cup champions.


  1. Which team went on to fire their head coach?
  2. Which team jettisoned their starting QB?
  3. Which team went on to finish first in the eastern division the following year? Which one finished last?

And finally,
4) Which former Ticat from that 2011 team would you most want back on the roster? (There are several decent answers, but only one correct one.)

5)There are only 9 players left from that team(8 active,1 i.l.)name them ?
6)What was the final score of the labour day classic that year ?
7)Who won the 4 game season series between the two ?
8 Which team scored more points between the two teams in the season series ?
9)What was Bellivuie's record as coach of the Cats ?
10)Prior to that win,when was the last time the Cats won in Mtl ?

There may be only one "correct" answer in your mind, ExPat, but I don't think we'd be in agreement on it. Picking one player, considering -- talents, ages, costs, availability, and the players and coaches we have here today -- my pick as the player, from that 2011 playoff roster, that I'd most want back on today's roster, even though he wasn't a standout in that game's highlight video, is Chris Williams. If all players being considered were free agents, at this time, Marcus Thigpen would be a serious contender as my pick too.

I'm like ottawacat on this.

There is indeed one player on the 2011 team I'd most want back. And the correct answer as to who it is that I would most want back is... Marcus Thigpen. Multi-skilled and very athletic. I wouldn't pick Chris Williams... we have lots of good receivers and I don't want a guy who bails on his contract.

If we're talking about players who are still playing in the CFL, I'd go with Rey Williams. He came in for a lot of criticism in Hamilton-- too slow, too old, always out of position-- but he seems to be doing pretty well in Saskatchewan. LB used to be a really strong position for us, but not so much these days.

And yes, that was a heck of a game.

Great game for sure. Thigpen over Williams for me as well.

The two NFLers would be my picks......Thigpen on offence......Hickman on defence......while C.W. was no doubt an exciting player for us,the team has moved on from him and is doing just fine without him. C.W. gave us two great years as a Cat,he chose not to be here,good luck to him,in his hopes of being an NFL superstar,you were one here,but put yourself above the team.Players like this,we don't need here,personally I'm glad he's not here......the team is better off without him.

Thigpen was my "correct answer". I miss that guy. And if he was here, we know he'd honour his contract.

I'm with you guys on this one, Thigpen for sure.

BUT Justin Hickman would also be nice.

Doesn't anybody got the answers for trivia questions 5 through 10 ???? :wink:

Still a terrible call on the Whitaker "non-fumble" if you ask me..

Q's 1-3 were meant to be rhetorical and ironic, while Q4 was a bit of fun. Q's 5-10 were kinda tough.

Considering the jekyll and Hyde year the team went through and the quarterbacking indecision in the last part of the regular season, beating Montreal, in their own backyard, in front of some 50 thousand loud Als fans in a one game, winner moves on scenario, was a great accomplishment.

Compare the trend of both these teams this year. Compare the accomplishments of the quarterbacks in Hamilton and Montreal.

I wouldn't want to be a supporter of the Alouettes. To be honest, never wanted to.

Okay!!! Here are yer answers questions #5 through #10
#5.........9 players are(Stala,Grant,Simmons,Dyakowski,Scott,Beswick,Johnson,Webb and Hage(i.l.)

#6.........Cats defeated the Alouettes 44-21

#7.........The season series was deadlocked at 2 wins a piece(Ham-34..Mtl-26..Ham-44..Mtl-21/ Mtl-43..Ham-13..Mtl-27..Ham-25)

#8.........Montreal scored 117 pts.....Hamilton scored 116 pts

#9.........He ended up with a record of 27 wins and 35 loses in 3 1/2 yrs coaching here(08-11)

#10.......Oct.20/02 Ham. defeated Mtl 29-26 a nine year stretch in between victories

There ya have it :slight_smile: See that wasn't too hard,now was it??? :lol: :wink: :cowboy:

Lets see...

A) the head coach that went on to become an NFL head coach
B) the head coach that somehow allowed his team to take a time count violation on the potential game winning FG.

Gonna go with B.

Funny how lost in the shuffle of the win was that absolutely MASSIVE mistake.

B is WPG now. Suitable punishment for any crime.