Remember the Stallions?

You still have teams playing with two different sets of rules then. In any league all teams must play by the same set of rules or it isn't fair for one of the sets of teams. For example (and this is extreme) let's say you had a team from Oregon or Wisconsin and a team from Texas, Florida, or even Ohio, who do you think would have the best players to choose from?

I told it the way it was . There was no import rule and you could see the results immediatley. That was actual history . And as roughyfan points out there is considerable inequity between states. California has over 20 million people while others are sparsely populated. Who says it will create a level playing field? We got 8 teams in Canada all going over the same pool for players while a team down there would be the only one picking through their own pool?

Nice to see that the press down there still remembers (and talks about) the Stallions ... that's pretty cool.

Gotta agree about where they put most of those American expansion teams - too far south. Baltimore, vs Shreveport, Memphis, Las Vegas, San Antonio, Birmingham, Sacramento, with plans to go to Miami? Does it even snow in any of those non-Baltimore cities?

When I was in Seattle, I saw an Argos-Riders game on the TV in the Seahawks store, at Qwest Field. Obviously they've heard of the CFL - but I doubt anyone in Carolina has. I'm sure there are a few US markets that would support a CFL team just fine.

Actually Hamilton Tiger Cats played Buffalo Bills in the 70s I believe and the Cats won. Anyone have the actual year and score?

CFL Hamilton Tiger Cats played NFL Buffalo Bills and won. I believe in 70's. Anyone have score and year? was the Cats by 36
Of course the CFL would win the match...
The CFL has better run defense...
Just ask the Argos...

Well winning by 36 points does not sound to bad now does it?
Go CFL!!!

I think it was in the 50's, actually. Might have been against the Giants.

Anyway, it was the last CFL-NFL game. Perhaps it's just coincidence that it was also won by a CFL team ... ?

I am curious to what rules were the playing with NFL or CFL?