Remember the Stallions?

There is a great article in a Baltimore paper that is full of fond memories of the Stallions visits to the Grey Cup.

the Italian Stallion?

Nice article. Makes we want to be a regular.

You could try Metamucil for that, Captain...oh, wait: you said "a regular," not "regular." Sorry... :lol:

^^ Ever heard of the Captain's log?

i remeber, Danny Macs naked bootleg wich totaly fooled Baltimores all american D, and the Baltimore fans at the other end of the stadium, and sitting beside the late Fred Anderson (Goldminers owner)-same hotel! he said ' its a great day for football. thanks to the nfl :expressionless: Baltimore didnt get it Grey Cup, -maybe they should get the 100th grey cup :cowboy:

See 10 years later Baltimore fans still miss their CFL.
Just goes to show you that a team in the US would work if placed in the proper location.

I wonder where Jim Speros is now? Maybe he could own an Ottawa franchise....

I remember 17 future NFLers on the 1995 Grey Cup roster. For anyone wondering what would happen if an NFL team played a CFL team, that was about as close as it's gonna get

Not so true EastVanMark.
The CFL is full of future or past NFLers.
As I said befor Baltimore did great because of their Head Coach Don Matthews who was already in the CFL long befor then.
And because Don knew what he was doing it was him that helped pick the roster of many already CFL stars that played in the CFL befor Baltimore even existed.
Baltimore may have won alot of games back then, but they had to earn everyone of them.
Keep in mind the 1988 Blue Bombers had a head coach and a star Quarterback that went to the NFL. That was a big loss for the Blue in my oppinion.
CFL players get offered NFL contracts every year.
I do see your point, but when you have a hot team the only place to go from there is up.

7 teams failed in the U.S.!
Just goes to show you that a team in the States wont work!

Baltimore was the only successful franchise in the USA, going to the Grey Cup in 1994 & 1995.

Promoted correctly, it can be successful and Baltimore was the perfect exemple.

But again, after the 1995 season, the NFL Cleveland Browns moved to Baltimore. Speros hoped to enlist the support of local government & business to keep the Stallions in Baltimore, but was unsuccessful and elected to move the team to Montreal.

IMHO, the NFL "killed" the CFL Baltimore Stallions !

My point was they had 17 players on ONE team go on to play in the NFL. No other team since has even come CLOSE to that. (Not even the other American teams). 2 years, 2 Grey Cup Games played... Nuff said.

Sorry To Jump Off Topic, Or Back On Topic Depending How You Look At It. But Two Things Kinda Bothered Me.

It Was The Saskatchewan Roughriders, The Rough Riders Played In Ottawa. And Secondly While It Was One Of The Best Grey Cups In History, One Of The Largest It Was Not. It Was A Pretty Good Crowd But I Can Think Of At Least 5 Other Games Off Hand The Hand Better Attendances.

Other Then That It Was A Great Artical, Thanks John. I Love To See How Americans (Or Anyone Out Side Of Canada) Feel About The CFL.

Guys look at where they put the US teams.
The put the teams in the deep south where not only is it Blazing hot, but most of them were failed teams from the USFL.
It had nothing to do with CFL failing in those cities, it had something to do with Pro Football failing in those cities.
I have never heard of Schrevport until the Cfl moved there and I am sure Schrevport never heard of us either,lol
Baltimore worked. Nuff Said.
Yes I saw your point East Van, it has merit.

So you are saying that 1 out of 8 teams means that US expansion was a success!

Had Baltimore been a true succes they would have survived the return of the NFL.

No more US expantion.


RO , Baltimore never really failed IMO. They chose to move instead of trying to compete head to head with the NFL and have had success after moving to become the Als. They had a great following in Baltimore and who knows how they would have fared had they stayed.

Having said that , US expansion can't work because of the import rule giving an unfair competitve advantage to US based teams. That rule was partly responsible for Baltimore's immediate onfield success . It wasn't just Matthews abilities alone. Don knew how to take the biggest advantage right away of the inequity unlike those other American teams who hired new to the CFL American coaches.

None of those teams needed to take part in the CFL draft as they had unlimited player potential down south compared to Canadian teams that were required to make use of Canadian talent. Not that Canadians can't play , but what happened when the injury bug started to thin out the Canadian player base?? Canadian teams went downhill . Not so for the American based teams .They simply brought in always available players from that huge pool and kept right on ticking.

Some of those other teams did start to get better after awhile too and started to win more against our traditional teams , and inevitably would have overtaken all our teams given more time . They just needed to learn our game and they were doing so. No way it could have worked long term.

And that is why the '94 Grey Cup game is such a special one , it's the only one in which a Canadian team beat an all American team in CFL history and the BC LIONS get to have that distinction! :thup:

We already covered the import rule by limiting each team to only use players within its home state.

Yes ro1313, I am saying exactly that.
Why, because the USFL, and the XFL and others have also failed in the states.
The CFL shared the same mistakes that they did by going to cities that could not make pro football work.
It is not about having a team in the US, its about having a team in the right city.
Keep in mind that I am not out to put a bunch of teams in the US, just one.

And lets not forget that Milwaukee would also fill the great big gap between Winnipeg and the Eastern teams.
Then again, I suppose you think Thunder Bay or Kenora would be a better Choice,lol
Heck, why not Soo or Sudbury to fill that gap.

Now that I think about it, I talked to someone from Sudbury not to long ago and he said that some people there actually think Sudbury would be a CFL town in a few years.
I can see it now, the Saskatchewan RoughRiders v.s. the Sudbury RuffRiders in Week 1, and in week 2 we can watch the Ottawa Rough Riders v.s. the Sudbury RuffRiders