Remember the Reff' time they come to Ivor Wynne

Alright fellow Ti-Cat fans...
WE know the guys were robbed by the Reff's in B.C.
Since George Black will do nothing about his crews..
we fans of the Cats.
Next time Jake Ireland or Ken Lazerick come to OUR HOUSE to call a game...
Let's hear the BOO Birds...loud and clear...every time they call against our guys. And keep it up..all game long....PLEASE.
Remember it's on live T.V.
The country is watching...
By doing this...we can send a message loud and clear to George Black that he can not ignor. Because if we are loud enough..the guys on T.V. will even start talking about it on air.
Maybe then our guys...will start to have chance..with the Reff's...
Call a FAIR both sides... thats all we want.
Right :thup: :thup:

Nice idea. Not going to work. We've been booing Jake Ireland for as long as I can remember, and I don't think our booing affects Mr. Ireland or his crew.

Long and Loud...for the whole dam game...
That is the key..
It has not been done like that before. We need to get the T.S.N. guys talking about it..on air. Spread the word.

I don't think our booing affects Mr. Ireland or his crew.

I also wanted to add...our guys played their guts out in B.C.
The 13th man has wore a striped-shirt for far to long against the Cats.
Our players are doing a first-class job..trying to their all.
And if you get 20,000 plus Cats fans booing their guts out...for the whole game..when our guys are called..IT WILL SEND A MESSAGE.

Actually I believe bad behaviour on the Cats fans part has made the officiating worse not better. Just watch the game and understand that the refs are universally bad. Both teams have to live with the same garbage

Has there ever been a time when there wasn't a problem with refs in the CFL?

I recall last year during an Argo game when we got called for a face mask on a reception, but the replay clearly showed the Argo player that grabbed the face mask.

Earlier this season, the CFL admitted that the refs made mistakes regarding the use of the replay challenge.

So it's no secret that there is a problem with reffing, and this is league-wide and has been going on for some time.

The question is, what can be done about it.

The replay challenge was supposed to fix this problem, but it has created new problems in the way that it is used, and in determining what calls can be challenged and what calls can't.

Obviously it is confusing for the refs.

My suggestion is to have a czar of officiating working at a head office somewhere, away from the game, who has access to every tv feed. Give him direct radio contact with an onfield official. Let him, if necessary, overrule an onfield official if he sees an obvious blown call.

Thats actually not a bad idea r4758, having a "blown call backup system" in place like that.