Remember the good ol days?

Remember the good days when the Eskimos at most lost one game at home..?
It was such a huge thing for the Esks, almost impossible for someone to win in Edmonton.
Think those times will ever be back?

haha well, we’ll soon see…
doubt theyll be back soon though

With B.C. and Saskatchewan going into the crapper, I could see it...

...I was joking of course, but the reality is the parity in the league is such that any team can beat any other team even in their home fort on any given night...will the EEs have dominance over visiting teams like they used to?...sure, maybe one day....

yea well there certainly not the powerhouse team that they were like for what? 35 years?
before the 2005 season, they lost 1 or at most 2 games a home, its just real dissapointing and another thing
Ray aint what he was like in 2003, he shouldnt have gone down to the NFL, i think it kinda ruined him a bit
and he is overpayed.. its easy for him to not care that much if he wins or looses when he make 400g a year..

I do not believe Ricky is overpaid and after the last 2 games has shown he is still the best QB in the league.

He was able to adapt and with the addition of Armstrong and Harris As well as the emergence of McCarty can even scramble effectively.

I would not take any QB in the CFL over Ricky.

As long as the game is exciting and they play their hearts out ( like the last 3 :rockin: ) just get off of the couch and enjoy the best football in the world!

RR is having a so so season. He was bad in Hamilton but woke up in time to win the game.

ricky is overpaid.. we should be 5 - 0 for the amount of money hes getting paid... i think we should slash his salary in half and invest in some decent DB's

Stop complaining. RR is all-star calibre and is amongst(if not the best) QB in the league. He single handedly led the offence on two game winning drives in the last minute or two of the game this season(see Calgary and Hamilton games). Not to mention that he's on pace for 5600 yards, 22 TDs, and only 11 INTs.

yea well i dont look at stats as a QB being good
i look at the last two seasons of missing playoffs, he was AMAZING in 2003... i LOVED HIM, dont get me wrong, he is still pretty good, but i honestly think hes overpaid, and u CANT single handedly win a game, he had the oline which was exceptional, and a FANTASTIC Receiving Corps

Exactly, he doesn't have Hervey, Mitchell, Tucker, and Vaughn as receivers anymore. He's missing the outstanding play of Lefsrud, Beaton, and Morris as o-linemen. And he's missing the threat of a Pringle/Avery/Davis type back. You have to take into consideration that the offence around Ray is not at all at the same talent level it was a few years ago. To put all the blame on Ray for missing the playoffs the last two years is ridiculous.

We'll we're 3-0 at home right now. You can't complain about that.

Now if we could just improve our abysmal road record...