Remember Rider fans no Green game day!

In a previous post I mentioned that a new Calgary bylaw is in place. On Saturday you are not allowed to wear green. So if you are going to the game in Calgary do not wear green.

That's not going to stop me from wearing my Matty D jersey to McMahon in saturday. :lol:

By the way '05 what happend to that other post. That was funny with the picture of turkey! :lol:

Well it seems some one took it a bit to far and it had to be moves to the mod area. It is sad that prior to a game we all can not have fun with out some one ruining for others. I really will miss the reply from turkey about his picture. And be prepared to clean up the east village during the game if you breach the dress code. You just might look fine in red!

Did turkey freak after being exposed?

Those turkeys dont stand a chance against
turkeys tights and track shoes.

Remember stamps, there's no cheering during the game because of the new Library bylaw in place at McMahon.

I wanted to see Turkeys response too! can't disagree with the new bylaw when it is designed to prevent the above.....

Oh Dust you try very hard but that will not help. We do not have to have an amendment to the noise bylaw for the rider fans they will be very quiet after the first 10 minutes. But do to the labor day problem with streakers they need to change the color on a dress code. It seems that for some reason and fan that wears green always wants to remove their cloths when their team gets down on the score. To avoid these streakers City of Calgary Bylaw felt it would be better to be pro-active by banning green at McMahon Stadium. Heck it worked with rodents why not with any fan that wears green. I believe if you go back to hank su-cks t-shirts the stripping of ones clothing started when the masses of Rider fans tried in vain to remove thos t shirts after being humbled 48 to 19. So again the Bylaw department would like to thank you for following the new bylaw.

...rescued for you rw05....that is so bad on so many levels....hooray for the new bylaw...

If I recall correctly the rodent bylaw got the folks in green all uppity, and the end result was the team in Red heading to the showers in a sour mood :wink:

R&W I almost couldn't get back up off from the floor from laughing. :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

Now I'm confused...Which one is the real Turkeybend?

:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

Do you think Turkey would be a good sport if you posted both pics in a Voting Pool?

I do not know Red but Turkeys picture seems to be well you be the judge. By the way is that Kneelon Greene or Roy Shivers?

I think one is Marty York...

…strangely enough, while I reviewed the new document online at there is an amendment…apparently wearing green along with fairy wings is perfectly acceptable…the following costume is McMahon Stadium approved I guess…go Rider Girls go…

Your right red I forgot that part of the bylaw. But seriously how many riderfans would wear fairy wings!

Pretty sure the guy with the dyed turkey
feather in his hat is our famous bender.

...if they look like her rw05 then I am hoping for many!!!!....

Thanks eskylo, that makes perfect sense.... :lol: :lol: :lol:

...not approved....

A few…but no doubt not nearly as many of them as there would be Stamps fans…

“Everytime a bell rings, a Stamp fan gets his wings…”