Remember Marty York?

He says some interesting this about Durant. If he does become available we better get him here.

Marty York was (is?) the biggest no knowledge blowhard reporter the league has ever seen. He says:

My pal, CFL fanatic Steve Ranot, is so right when he emails that virtually any game not involving the Argos or Riders is a possible Grey Cup preview. . .

How would this weekend's game between the Cats and the All Wets be a possible Grey Cup preview? Hamilton would have to cross over (finishing ahead in the overall standings of one of BC, Edmonton or Calgary) and win, (on the road!!!) the west semi final and final. Who among you thinks that might happen? I will take all wagers that it won't happen - Hamilton representing the West in the Grey Cup. (I'm sorry but I don't give odds. This would have to be a straight up wager and the money bet would have to be held by a disinterested 3rd party). :wink:

Everyone should be warned about this character. Do NOT take anything he says seriously.


Actually, all that would have to happen, PLUS the A*gos would have to magically finish ahead of the Cats. Because it's the 4th place team that crosses over.

Holy crap!! There's a name I haven't heard for a while!!!! And that's a good thing...

That's a big oops! :oops:

I don`t say this to stop everyone who wants to rant about Marty York from carrying on

but IMO, he meant that the six other CFL teams all could be ONE of the teams in the Grey Cup.

Yes, a very bold statement - any two teams besides Sask and the Argos will meet in the Grey Cup.
But not a bad CFL column by Marty!

Durant is just as inconsistent as Glenn, thus Im not sure he would be the answer in Hamilton either. And throughout his career, Durants TD-INT ratio has been terrible.

I agree it is probably what he meant, but by the same token it isn’t what he said. :thdn: