Remember last year?

Does anyone remember later in the season last year when the lowly, disorganized ticats team completely blew out the Eskimos? The game yesterday bears a striking resemblance to it, and hopefully this is the last we'll have to see of it. Too many changes on the best defence from last year Maciocca! Simple problems on offence like holding for field goals, long-snapping(why do you keep sailing it over the Flemings/Williams heads Inglis?), finishing drives in the red-zone, and 1 yard conversions. 95% of the time on 3rd down Maciocca goes with the quarterback sneak, it's a very high percentage play, but would it not hurt to mix it up once in a while Maciocca? We have 3 downs from the 1 yard line yesterday, why not hand the ball off to Bertrand or Maurer on first down, they are solid.

I'd expect to see some personnel and scheme changes for next week's game. The Eskimos and Hamilton this year have both made many changes, and both could be off to a very rough start early in the year. I'm expecting the esks defence to pick up its play mid-way through the year.

I think you're full of it.

There's one major difference in 2006! Your o-Line Sucks! and there's no crappy team in the West this year to beat up on!!!

Calgary and saskatchewan could both be winless this year(0-3 and 0-2), if it weren't for some lucky fourth quarter big plays.

your life must be pretty shitty to bad mouth edmonton lol..what else is there to do is saskatchewan other then smoke play bingo, and not bath

Um yeah that was a meaningless game AT THE END OF THE SEASON! Hamilton wasent even going to make the playoffs anyway and Edmonton was.

What's your point? Are you trying to say that Edmonton wasn't trying?

Because they were. They were fighting really hard trying to get a home playoff date, but ended up getting smoked by a shitty hamilton team. What I'm trying to say is that most people think it's the end of the road already for the esks this season, and it clearly isn't. We've shown last year that the team can rebound after being blown out.

I'm not sure I get EastSide's point either. The fact that the Eskimos blowout loss last year was at the end of the season made it MORE DANGEROUS, not less! A blowout loss with 15 games to go before the playoffs allows alot more time for adjustments. Hamilton was playing for their pride, dignity, and jobs for next year. Edmonton was playing for 1st place. Am I missing something?

Sorry.. I think ive watched too many NFL games at the end of the season when the best teams are going up against a shitty team and they already have a playoff berth they just pretty much say aww f*ck this.

I don`t tink they got smoked by a shitty bomber team do you really? 123 I think the idea of the bombers being a shitty team is being put to rest.

I for one Iam not writing the Esk`s off at all. if there is a time to slump it is early in the season. there is time to fix the leaks for sure.

While I'm not writting the Esks off... It was interesting to see some of Machocia's changes...Brady, Mountford, (Although he is apparently returned)are two curious changes that come to mind.

Good stats for Ray but nothing to show for it. DOesn't seem like they are balancing the attack with Davis.

I wasn't trying to say the bombers are shitty. In fact they're a real contender this year IMO.

The point I was trying to make is that teams can rebound after compete blowouts even though it seems like the end is near.