Remember Elmer19 from the old forum?

HE IS BACK! With his new nick Grandgalop. I enjoy his comments about the good ol' days, and altough he tends to exaggerate many times, I blieve that his critics about the samew design on the uniforms, the management of the Renegades and of course, the 4 point Field Goal, are accurate.

Welcome back, mate, take a bow.

I remember elmer.

Good to have him and you back

What is with "Grandgalop" I'm curios.

It means he is about 100 years old and he yaps alot.Most of it is Then suckers like Billy believe everything he says!!!

Why of course we remember Elmer!! (You always remember the one at the party who has too much to drink and spends the rest of the night telling you how much they know about something) :roll:

C'mon Saskargo, I thought you and Elmer were stuck like glue! :wink:

Welcome back you cantankerous old bugger. :lol:

Where is he? Why does he post? :?: :? :?:

Grandgalop and Petittrot were Jeffrey Loria and David Samson's nicknames in Montreal... The Expos' assassins!

Actually he has been here since May.

He has been here since May.
Must be scared of saskargo.Doesn't like getting bashed.He also doesn't like it when I say the truth about him.He is full of crap.
Want to read posts from people who know football.
Just read Bigdaves,Turdandten,Als_all_the_way,ro1313,and don't forget moi.!!!!!

LOL should I feel insulted that my name isnt involved in there :wink: Wow I can be Concieted sometimes. Its all good. Im way over this :lol:

Isnt he Jon Ryans uncle...........