remember 1986

0-5 to start 1986 and a grey cup win---- well 0-5 in 2007 and a grey cup win?????? after tonight :thup: :rockin:

Crazier things have happened my friend :slight_smile:

Lets hope!

Too early to say, but it felt like oldtime Steeltown football tonight!

Oski Wee Wee,

Keep dreaming, it's only one game.

I agree Russ. This team is still improving. Even without that future improvement I can see us winning more than we lose in the remaining 12 games. (If I'd said that before tonight I would have been laughed at. This is a gOOOOOOOOOd feeling.)

Who took the jelly out of your donut???

It would take an act of God....oh, that already happened.

Dare to dream, just dare to dream.

I think the argos would stop $ucking before the Cats made it to Cup this year.

If you remember the 80's you weren't hair.

don't make fun of my hair.

And don't forget in 1985 ( while we didn't win) we started the year 0-6 and ended in 1st place and went to Grey Cup Montreal Coup De Grey

How well do you remember that?

I have a feeling she remembers it quite well.