Rematch #1: TOR @ HAM, Aug 12 2022

Game 2 of 4 against the Argos in a five week span. Will home field advantage make a difference?

This seems like a bad omen: writes overwhelmingly picking HAM to win. Prediction Time: writers' Week 10 picks -

First injury report is out:
Argos, Ticats Injury Report: Dane Evans misses Tuesday practice -


Good to see Jones back practicing but a shoulder issue for our qb doesn’t inspire confidence.

Easier to see for ppl… it looks like shaq Richardson for Toronto will be out for what I can see.. Dane evans was just a maintance day according to coach O yesterday

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I wonder if they move STE to rec and bring Wes hills in as that American to replace Addison as rec

tthew Scianitti


Matthew Shiltz took QB1 reps at Wednesday’s #Ticats practice. Dane Evans was present but not in pads




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If that is case I’m sure both Newman and Morton dress Friday and both could see playing time if Shultz starts and does crap

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I wonder if the Evans shoulder injury occurred sometime during the game on Saturday?

We should see tomorrow when depth comes out

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Matthew Shiltz could start at quarterback for Ticats with Dane Evans nursing shoulder injury - 3DownNation

Decision to give the backup some reps is looking better now, even if it was not done solely to prepare him to play in the event of injury to the starter.

Question: Will Shiltz be limited to the "Shiltz Package" we have been seeing in recent weeks (mostly runs and short passes), or will they trust him to run the more complete Ticats offence?

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We just have to hope he doesn't play like his name without the "L"
The guy is fast, 4.6 sec. in the 40 fast!
This could be his biggest opportunity ever


I mean he’s gotta first team reps yesterday and today so I hope it’s more then Just the schitz package

I'm excited to see him play a whole game with a complete playbook. Actually an expanded playbook as he will have some designed runs. I am one of the few who feel he is very capable of being a starter. He is very quick and decisive . If he does start I think you will be nicely surprised.. I thought he was top 5 FA signings.


FM, Freudian slip on that last sentence? :sunglasses:

Here is his chance to prove his time in mtl was not a fluke

Listening to Coach O and Matt Shiltz in the August 10th Q&A sessions with the media, it sure sounds, to me, that Shiltz will be the QB, that the long lost David Ungerer will be back in the National outside receiver position, and that Kiondre Smith is the choice to move into Addison's spot. If I'm interpreting the comments correctly, it'll certainly be a big opportunity game for all three. It also sounds like the D-line will be missing Bennett and back-ups Diallo and Federico. The coach said "Our line-up will be different. Quite so, I think.

Last time we started three Canadian receivers ... was Steinauer still playing DB for us?

I don't think there is that much of a difference between the two "packages". :smile:

A long list of TiCat roster moves today (Aug. 10) on

Added to the Active Roster -- Myles Manalo, David Ungerer, Jarek Richards, Vosean Joseph & Ronheen Bingham

Put on Injured Lists -- Mason Bennett, Bralon Addison, Kyle Wilson, Bailey Felmate & Anthony Federico

Moved to the Practice Roster -- Wes Hills, Mike Jones, Tony Brown & Tyler Turner

The Injury Report, after 2 days of practices, lists Dane Evans as "Doubtful" and Mike Jones as "Questionable."

Sorry about the large font on the P.R. list ... I can't seem to get rid of it.