Remarkable comeback by Glenn and the Stamps!

What a game!

Fantastic! I love the CFL!

I agree, very entertaining game. (too many dropped balls though)
Congrats to Kevin Glenn!

Yeah, and Glenn's numbers were 25 for 40 (62.5%) for 350 yards and 4 TDs.

What would have Glenn's numbers been if Forzani and Cornish could catch?

That was such an entertaining game. Nik Lewis is my early bet for MOP right now, he seems like hes on a mission this year.

Glenn had a fantastic game, now he needs to back it up again next week, which has always been Glenn's problem. I am a huge Glenn fan, great comeback tonight.

why could he not do that for us?? Great game for Glenn and the Stamps :thup:

Great game indeed. Was it just me or did Glenn look faster on his feet?

Dummy me, went to bed at about the 12.00 minute mark of the 4th quarter. Wow for sure!

Did you miss the EDSF last year vs. Montreal?

There were six minutes left when I went to bed. Riders had it won - leading 35-18 - and it looked like I had nailed my second RONA pick of the week, unless the Riders scored too much more.


When the heck did Bauman learn how to catch? Oh yeah, in his last two games with us. :expressionless:

Good to see McDaniel is still playing a solid game. I was disappointed when we cut him, although I knew we couldn’t justify keeping him.

Nope of course not. My point was i dont remember a time when he was able to lead us from behind in a divisonal reg season game. I could be wrong but dont recall.

He did it for us on numerous occasions. The problem was, he usually did the exact opposite the following week.

He threw the pick at the end of the game last week, so I guess he was due for some last minute heroics this week. (And now I know who to pick in next week's game against BC?)

I think Glenn led two comeback victories for us both in BC in '010 and '011 if i'm not mistaken?

Easy Pick CFIO, BC next week :smiley:

And the Tabbies over the Rides in the Reg :rockin:

So did 75% of the Stamps fans in the stands.

What a great game!

Seemingly, so did the Riders players and coaches. :wink:

The Calgary game last night was just another example of many where we see former Ticat players excel with other teams after they couldn't get their careers off the ground at all here in Hamilton. Why couldn't these players be successful with the Ticats, and what is it that makes them so great elsewhere? :?

McDaniel was no slouch here - his 994 yards (so close) was just overshadowed by Bruce and Stala both going over the 100-yard mark. It looks like he is continuing to fly under the radar in Calgary.

Glenn? He has always seemed to be either hot or cold, often in the same game. This week, he got hot at the right time. Last week, not so much.

Bauman had his moments with us, a few really good games near the end of his third year here. Where was he last year? And up until last night, this looked like another typical season for him (was he even dressed in week three?). If he can string a few good games together, then maybe.