remaining tickets

i find it hard to feel sorry for the people who cannot get tickets this wife and i moved here 10 years ago and we have had season tickets every year.we sat thru the years when we only won a handful of games and we had under 20000 people at a game.people who jump on the bandwagon at the last moment are fine but as long as they keep buying the tickets every year, not just the winning years.i believe us "true"rider fans should have the first crack at tickets.

Oh okay…so people who have season tickets are somehow more important than people who are unable, for a variety of entirely valid reasons, to have them? I didn’t know ticket sales worked that way…

I don’t agree with Drew Remenda on many things, but I do agree with this: he stated, quite some time ago, that bandwagon jumpers snapping up tickets is exactly what a team should want for their organization…it’s a great way to drum up support, and interest…

In short, suck it up.

So since I work shift work and I am unable to make it to every game I am not a true fan. Whatever mowerman I get to every game I am available for and I will pay full price for my tickets. I don't complain that there aren't a lot of tickets available it is great for the organization, but I will complain when a bunch of those season tickets end up on ebay or stubhub and ridiculously inflated prices.

I think the Riders should track any ebay or stubhub sales and if an entire season of tickets for a seat is sold, the Riders should put the person who bought them initially on a blacklist.