Remaining schedule

I think the Argos really do have a good shot at 1st in the east. Of thier remaining games, they have only 2 vs teams with a winning record. The toughest part of thier schedule is done with all but 1 game being played against western opponents.

We have some injured players back, Bear Woods and Anthony Coombs especially.

It’s going to come down to QB play. If MBT can keep playing like he has and take care of the ball, we have a good shot at hosting the eastern final again.

I think you were assuming the Argos would win last night. You weren’t alone there but they have dug themselves in quite a hole this year so far. The three games with Hamilton will tell the tale. They have to win at least two of the those games IMO to have a chance at 2nd. It sure looks like one of the western teams will grab 3rd place in the east for sure. 2nd place or bust now for the Argos.

These next 2 games will define the season for the Argos.

Still can’t see Trestman’s reasoning sitting Carter again this weekend. Can’t be because he doesn’t know the system and all that blarney. We all know what Carter is cable of. So you throw him out there and say to the opposing defense “cover him if you can”. Systems are for mediocre ball players. The season is hanging on a thread but that thread will be cut if the Argos lose to Hamilton Saturday.

The other big problem beside having a game breaker receiver standing on the sidelines is this defense. Wynn is gone on the 6 game, but he wasn’t playing that well anyway, maybe he was playing hurt.
You got to keep Laing in there but every other position could use an upgrade. Popp talks about all his connections in the NFL. Well maybe it’s time to start using them. A dominant D Line pressuring on every play would go along way to making the rest of the Defense look much better.

sitting carter is simply trestman's way of throwing a tantrum showing team and fans that trestman's ego is more important than winning and getting into playoffs
luckily there was enuf pushback and testman will 'allow' carter to play but not start
[run back kicks]
just boggles the the mind how a 3-6 team can afford to sit a 2 time all star and arguably best deep threat in the league
trestman is set to make OVER $600k
yet he sat carter

Well this season is for all purposes over, unless Ottawa keeps going into a tailspin. But I don’t think that will happen.
On the positive it is good to see some young Canadians start getting playing time and holding their own. Rec. Llevi Noel, FB Declan Cross and DB Robert Woodson. I have roasted Jim Barker in the past for some of his early picks like Jones and Sackey and passing over now CFL starters like OG/OT Lauzon-Sequin and DE Kwaku Boateng, but he did do better with some of his later picks like Noel and Woodson. 3rd rounder OT Jamal Campbell may eventually be able to start, but he seems to have taken a step back right now on the depth chart.
Popp hasn’t done any better so far picking busts OT Woods and DE Foster last year 1,2. OG Hunter (we may never see him in the CFL) and SB/WR Cibasu (does he even want to play pro ball) from years draft have potential but will we ever see them. LB Kwemo may turn out to be something besides a special teamer.
I believe Popp should use some of MLSE money on really scouting the CIS more closely with somebody who knows how to evaluate and project players. All we have to do is look at history on the NCAA picks over the years. Many of the OL players never pan out.