Remaining schedule

win - Montreal @ Hamilton
win - Hamilton @ Edmonton
win - BC @ Hamilton
loss - Hamilton @ Calgary
win - Winnipeg @ Hamilton
win - Hamilton @ Toronto

There' s my prediction. 5-1 in the last 7 games, finishing, 9-9

I wish I could share your optimism. I’ll be pleasantly surprised if we win more than 2 of these games.

Luv your optimism and respect your opinions Captain. Please elaborate on what draws you to make these predictions.

8) I say we will be lucky to win 2 of our remaining games.

And sadly, another stalwart Tiger-Cat fan, broken beyond all hope by years of despair followed by an insane flash of hope once again doused, retreats into an internal world of the imagination- far beyond the reaches of reality. It’s a nice place to be.

Well, keep in mind that the OP also thought West Harbour was the best stadium site. :roll:

Mostly hope and desperation.

Also, the strange penchant the Tiger-Cats have for playing terribly against the poor teams, and beating good teams.

The tabbies have had some pretty dominating and significant wins against the Als lately, and remember snapping the Lions’ winning streak last year?

But…mos;ty hope and despeartion. I need a reason to continue to follow this team. The NFL has been great lately, and watching the tabbies’ latest abysmal performance made me just wanna drop them for the rest of the year and watch NFL from here on in.

Thanks for the :slight_smile: Mark. My first since just before Muamba so skillfully pushed the poorly protected ball from Andy’s right hand as his final motion on one of his many nice tackles.

Ahhhh…remember the 60s?

At the moment, it appears that our 22,500 seating capacity in the new stadium might need to be downsized; say to

5,000 -10,000 seats. If the performances of the past several years continue, it might be time to blow up the whole thing.

I'm getting old and feeble much faster than I deserve watching the ineptness of these so called football jocks. :thdn:

Why are you using past tense?

My opinion hasn’t changed. :wink:

Look on the bright side. That should drive down the price of parking on front lawns. :wink:

I agree with 4 of those predictions. We finish 8 and 10.

Oskee Wee Wee!

Wow. Just wow. :?

Noun 1. tenacity - persistent determination
doggedness, perseverance, persistency, pertinacity, tenaciousness, persistence
determination, purpose - the quality of being determined to do or achieve something; firmness of purpose; “his determination showed in his every movement”; “he is a man of purpose”

Our players should take a lesson from Kirk, and for the record, it’s a quality, not a fault. :thup:

Win against Montreal – Cats have owned the Als at IWS the last couple of years
Loss against Edmonton – not gonna win out West
Win against BC – this is a reach, but when the Lions were on their roll last year, the Ticats beat them 42-10; hopefully Hank and Co. and play as well as Glenn and Co. did last year
Loss against Calgary – see Edmonton
Win against Winnipeg – I don’t care how many games they lose up to this point, I can’t think they’ll close IWS with a loss
Win against Toronto – the Argos will have their playoff spot wrapped up (my guess is second place) and will rest players.

So I got them going 4-2 and finishing 8-10. Perhaps I’m overly optimistic, but that’s how I genuinely see these last six games playing out. Funny, this season could end up playing out exactly like last year – 8-10 third-place finish and East Final loss (this time to Montreal). Wonder if the “FIRE CORTEZ” and “GET RID OF BURRIS” threads will spring up quicker than the “FIRE BELLEFEUILLE” and “GET RID OF GLENN” did last year.

Yeah, right. Using this logic, there won’t be any addressing the team’s problems & we’ll see performances like last night’s all the time, cause it’s a good quality to be tenacious & stay the course. :roll:

Besides, Captain Kirk is not supposed to believe in the “no-win scenario”. :roll:

That’s right! Captain…time for the Kobayashi Maru gambit!

Captain - I also admire your otimisim and hoping the team will improve. Unfortunately, I don't beleive the team will win 3 of the remaining games due to Cortez being stuborn and somewhat arrogant. This is not how I invisioned this season turning out. Too many things need to be changed for this team to improve from the front office down to the water boy.

I like your optimism and, although we disagree on the stadium issue, I agree on the 9-9 season. :smiley: