Remaining schedule


@ Toronto
@ Winnipeg





I can see Hamilton winning all 3, Winnipeg losing all 3, Edmonton going 1-2

If Hamilton stays focused the way they did in Montreal, I guarantee 3-0 down the stretch. That's all it takes is 60 minutes of Ticats football

not 59 minutes, not 59 minutes and 42 seconds, 60

I think the Bombers will win one of two against Montreal. That's why it will be vital for us to beat both Toronto and Sask. to put this thing away for good. I don't want it to come down to the final game in Winnipeg. I don't like our chances in that game. Bishop is scary when he is hot.

If what you says does happen, it will come down to the final game as our season series is tied 1-1 and a Winnipeg win by 3 points could put us out of the playoffs.

Cooper, don't worry I predicted we would go 3 for 4 in the final stretch, we are right on course.


Yea you are right allan. We need to win all three or the Bombers have to lose twice to Montreal. Damn.

You have to think Montreal is going to start sitting its starters the last week or two in the second half with first place wrapped up..

No,no,no. Winnipeg would just have to win. They don't have to win by a certain number of points. It's really simple now. It is more than likely that second place will come down to the last game in Winnipeg. The only way that it doesn't is if either the Bombers win their next two games (good luck) and the 'Cats lose their next two games. The 'Cats can clinch second place if they win their next two games and the Bombers lose their back to back games with Montreal.

There is no way Winnipeg is going to beat Montreal twice in a row. No way.

The Bombers would need a lot of luck to put up 40+ points on Montreal. Bishop has 2 or 3 good series a game and that's it.

They had a 14-0 lead over BC with a 3rd string QB and couldn't finish.

The Cats are going to beat Toronto and SSK. The way SSK played vs CGY, I have no doubt in my mind that we are going to be in 2nd place in the east when it's all said and done!

we have good Shot in Toronto to win
We won't be the Green Riders
and We lose to the Peg
They Lose both Time to montreal
So my My Count it could be dead even.

But we'll lose the head to head and be out of the playoffs

It makes me want to throw up thinking that the Bombers might take that playoff spot :lol:

I think we have a good shot at beating both TOR and SSK if we play the way we played yesterday.

I know Montreal may not play AC, but I don't see them sitting too many of their starters because they have the bye week to contend with and that has always been a bit of a struggle to keep players in "game" shape if they sit them for a few weeks.

Bishop played like the Bishop we know yesterday and hopefully he will againt MTL as well.