Remaining schedule: not a cake-walk

Thanks ryan :smiley: I also am really pleased at how the RB’s have done this season and their fan base are a classy bunch who are off the charts in their enthusiasm and support of their team. It’s really nice to see and long overdue for the city of Ottawa. :thup:
I also whole heartily agree that beating them Dirty Birds in the EF or ESF is indeed very SWEET. :smiley: I wouldn’t worry though about seeing those Birds in the EF this year because the only way they get there this year is if they buy tickets to the game at THF :lol:

1998-East Final…Cats-22…Als-20
1999-East Final…Cats-27…Als-26
2001-East Semi…Cats-24…Als-12
2011-East Semi…Cats-52…Als-44
2013-East Semi…Cats-19…Als-16
2014-East Final…Cats-40…Als-24

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