Remaining schedule: not a cake-walk

Tiger-Cats have a 4-point lead in the East with 7 games left, but our team still needs to fight hard. Some thoughts:

  1. Toronto and Montreal would both be hard-pressed to knock us out of first place. Toronto has to win 3 more games than us in the last 7. e.g. Even if we fall apart and finish 2-5, they'd still need to finish 5-2. If we can finish 4-3, Toronto would need to be a perfect 7-0. Montreal has to win 4 more than us, but has another home game against us.

  2. Ottawa is our biggest threat in the fight for first place. If the standings don't change headed into the final two weeks (i.e. if they're still 4 points back of us), they could take first with two wins against us. I'm really curious to see how we match up against them. We would have known by now if not for the ridiculous schedule where we don't play them until November.

  3. Before playing Ottawa, we have 5 games: Edmonton, Calgary, Sask, @Montreal and @BC. Those next two games will be tough ones (despite what we did to Edmonton last time sans Reilly), and we haven't beaten Montreal yet.

  4. Ottawa has 6 games before they meet us. @Sask, Toronto, Montreal, @Toronto, Winnipeg, @Winnipeg. An easier schedule, and they've got a game in hand. I'd say every one of those games is winnable for them.

  5. In our favour: 4 of the final 7 games played at home; some key players (hopefully) returning from injuries throughout that time; and the fact that we have proven we can play at a higher level than any other team (even though there are three teams we have yet to beat this year).

  6. These next two games against Edmonton and Calgary will really show us what the Cats are made of. Hard to imagine us blowing either of them out this time, so we'll have to hope they can continue to prevail in close games. Great opportunity for the team to build confidence heading into the home stretch.

TiCats will have a well deserved and timely "Bye"week after this Saturday.
Some of Bomben, Washington, Murray, Fantuz, Gable, Norwood, etc.,etc.etc. are sure to return. :thup:

As far as the RedBlacks are concerned, they have 1 road win west of this Nations Parliament Buildings so far this season,
and that was against a very dysfunctional BC team

OTT also has 2 extremely short weeks back to back(The Oct. 6 game could be @ THF)

Sat Sep 26 - Toronto @ Ottawa

Thu Oct 01 - Montreal @ Ottawa

Tue Oct 06 - Ottawa @ Toronto

Great post. As you write, we really do not know how we match up against Ottawa. And we know that so far we have not matched up well against Montreal. All of the teams in the East besides Toronto are one quarterback injury away from real problems. And Montreal is sort of having their (latest) QB injury now, with Cato away. Cato comes back and they're a lot better. The East is tough this year: if the Cats win first, they will have earned it.

According to the Ottawa Sun it’s likely the Argo game will be moved to Ottawa. Better chance of a big crowd and the Argos get the gate receipts. The downside for the Argos is that Ottawa gets another home game and a better chance of winning. Ottawa would then get 3 home games in a row a huge boost for them.
With baseball having so many games and the standings can change so fast, the Argos have to make a decision within the next week to give notice. They can’t wait for the last week of the Jays season to see if Oct 6th is a wild card game.
Even if the Jays don’t host a wild card game on the 6th the Argos have a much better chance of raking in gate receipts from a game in Ottawa. The league and TSN would rather see the game in Ottawa too.

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And according to the Toronto Sun, the Argos played their last game at the Rogers Centre last Friday, they will shift all their remaining games to THF. Varsity is a no go.

[url=] ... ep-winning[/url]

You are correct JIM!

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#Argos announce they are moving Oct. 6 home game vs #Redblacks to Ottawa because of potential scheduling conflict with Blue Jays. #CFL

We don't want them anyways! :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

Glad to see "the bump" thread is no longer No. 1 on the Board (I love that it has a name).

This is a good thread - I agree with the earlier post though that players returning from injury will make a difference. By my count we have at least NINE starters on the one game and six game injured lists. We should have real depth going into the home stretch when injuries can plague a team. It is certainly not going to be a cakewalk but 1st place is ours to lose and I just see this team stepping up to the occasion. They could run the table but an emotional let-down game (like the loss at home to Montreal) is a possibility - my guess is it happens in BC. I see this team burying the Redblacks. Time will tell, but when guys like Fantuz and Bulcke and Norwood return - look out!

Oops - I just bumped “the bump” thread. Here, I’ll bump this one back to the top.

Once we get past the next two games, the tough part of the schedule will be, we play in Montreal on the 18th of October then 5 days later we play in Vancouver at 10pm Eastern time.

Okay here's my top 10 BIG questions list : The Cats play the Eskimos and Stamps back to back the next two weeks ,so let's all assume that the universe unfolds as it should and our Cats finish 1rst and get back to the Grey Cup for the 3rd straight year.

The BIG question #1... so which of the two games will you think will be the Grey Cup preview game ? Eskimos ? Stamps ?
The BIG question #2... Can any of the other teams from out West upset the top 2 in the West and go to the Cup ?
The BIG question #3...So who do the Cats meet in the Eastern Final ? Ottawa ? Toronto ? Montreal ?
The BIG question #4...with 7 gms remaining what will our final number of wins be ? 8 ? 9 ? 10 ? 11 ? 12 ? 13 ? 14 ? 15 ?
The BIG question #5...with 2 losses to the Als this season will the dirty birds sweep us or do we win the final game ?
The BIG question #6...Will the Cats lose another home game this season at THF ? and if yes ,then who do we lose to ?
The BIG question #7...We play the RB's the final 2 games on the schedule. Will we win both ? lose both ? split ?
The BIG question #8...Will those two final games be what decides who gets 1RST place in the East. yes ? no ?
The BIG question #9...Which team finishes up in 2nd place in the East ? Ottawa ? Toronto ? Montreal ?
The Big question #10...Will there be a East/West crossover this season or will the playoffs end up 3 East/3 West ?

Okay so there ya have it. Looking forward to what everybody thinks will happen from here on out for the rest of the season.
Cheers to all :slight_smile: feel free to add anymore questions that you think of that I might have missed or left out in my top #10 list.

OSKEE-WEE-WEE To everyone out there in TI-CAT NATION :thup: :smiley: :thup: :smiley:

#1 - I think it will be the Stamps. Edmonton’s defense is better, but their offense even with Riley is not as good and Huff knows how to use Rest. While the Esks and Stamps have a nearly equal schedule, Calgary has a home game vs Edmonton, a guy called Cornish coming back and a 1 game lead. They are getting the West final home berth.
#2 - No. I think everyone feels Sask is out of the conversation, and the Lions and Peg are barely keeping pace with the Als. Even with Wily, the Peg doesn’t have the depth or talent needed to take out both Edmonton AND Calgary.
#3 - I think it will be Ottawa. I think the Als won’t make the playoffs, I don’t see any other west team going on a tear and I think the Argos while better on paper Ottawa just got another home game and Hank can put the hurt on them if they don’t improve their pass defense. I think the Argos will have a game at the dome, and the RedBlacks fans are going to show that they can travel too. Then they’ll try to do it again at THF and realize we sell out our stadium.
#4 - I’m going with 12, I can see us dropping one to the Esks or Calgary but not both. I can see us having a hiccup with the trip to Vancouver or in Montreal. Ottawa to me is the dark horse and hard to gauge, so I’m going to say we split with them to be safe. Hope the team proves me wrong.
#5 - I think we can win the final game, I think it depends on player health and preparation. Montreal is a hard place to win and there are a lot of distractions in that city.
#6 - I think we might drop one to Edmonton or Calgary, but not both.
#7 - I’m going to say split, to play it safe. It’s very hard to sweep a team. However if they fail to put on the Argos, I will quickly change that position.
#8 - I don’t think so. I think Ottawa will split with the Argos as well and have a hiccup in Montreal or Winnipeg. I think the standings are going to pretty much stay the course.
#9 - I think Toronto does as they have the easier schedule. Really, Calgary and two games vs Ottawa are the dangerous games. This is opposed to Ottawa who has two vs us and two vs Toronto.
#10 - No, I think BC has a very hard schedule remaining and they will be knocked out and the Peg is already a game up on them. I think the Als schedule is nearly equal in difficulty to Winnipeg’s and the Peg has the one game crossover advantage.

We do have a timely bye week after hosting EDM and before hosting CGY.
When we beat the Schmoes on Saturday Austin and Company will have 2 weeks to prepare for the Stamps!
I expect some key guys to come off the injured list in time for CGY and finish the season in style! :rockin: :rockin:
We will not have to worry about the other teams, we just can take care of business ourselves.

Edmonton - 9
Hamilton - 36

Nice prediction but I really think (as I did last time) that it will be a much closer game - with a Ticats win of course! :smiley: With Reilly back and the loss to Hamilton in their (Edmonton) stadium likely still on their minds, I don’t think that the EE will be as easy to put away this time. Should be a good game!

I really don’t see the team

a) losing to BC even though it is a western late night (by eastern time) road game. Ticats have generally played well in BC against better teams and this year the Lions are just NOT very good!
b) burying the REDBLACKS - certainly not twice. Ottawa is a much improved team and should be more of a test than they were last season. I see a series split with them, each team taking their respective home games. Since we play them in Ottawa the last week of the season, there is a possibility that some starters would be rested, even with a bye before the EDF, to ensure that all players are well healed for the playoff games.

No, the remaining schedule is far from a “cakewalk”, but this team has it sights set firmly on one goal and, with time off next week, will be ready to roll and eager to get on with achieving their goal.

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Most all the #'s you need for comparison. Please note to read down to bottom with the Edit/Tweaking of my PowerRankings formula.

Re: #4 I think we can beat both the EE and the Stamps as long as the team comes out strong after the bye week (which they apparently didn’t do after the first bye) I don’t see the team losing in BC - Lions just aren’t a very good team (I know it is a short week and 7 pm MT start) - and I think that they will be VERY motivated to beat Montreal IN Montreal rather than let the larks sweep the season series (can you IMAGINE how pesky the bird fans will be if they do??) I agree that a split with Ottawa is likely, especially if some starters are taking a break in that final game.

i for one am excited to see what the Cats can do with the cream of the crop over the next couple games. and those 2 Ottawa games, i think it will settle 2 in the East. as much as i'd love the Argos coming here for the Eastern Final, i think the Redblacks would be a good game too.

I think the Cats will walk into Montreal and feed the Dirty Birds a serving of STFU and put a end to the losing there. Its time to put those crows in their place.

Okay I just realized that although I did create this Big question top #10 list I failed to answer my own questions :slight_smile: So without further adieu here goes…my thoughts and responses to the 10 Big question list :
#1…Stampeders, I’m thinking it will be a rematch much like ‘98-99’ with of course the same result as in ‘99’ :smiley: :rockin:
#2…I can’t see it happening as the Lions are a mess and the Bombers are just not strong enough as of yet and will just be happy to finally make the playoffs
#3…I’m thinking it’s going to be the surprising REDBLACKS this year…but unfortunately for them “Bad” Hank shows up.
#4…My crystal ball is telling me that this team finishes up the season at 14-4 or at worse 13-5.
#5…My crystal ball is also telling me that we will crush those Dirty Birds in Montreal by at least 30 pts. If ever a team and a fan base needs to be put in its place its those pompous,condescending whiny bunch from Montreal.
#6…I’m thinking Not but if we do lose another it will probably be against those Stampeders.
#7… I’m thinking split as we win the game at THF but sit out a good chunk of our regular roster in the season finale in Ott
#8…No I predict that the Cats will have 1rst place wrapped up well before the 17th game of the season.
#9…The surprising REDBLACKS end up in 2nd place and host the Argos in the ESF
#10…No crossover this season as the Dirty Birds sh!t the nest allowing the Bombers to backdoor into the playoffs as the 3rd place team in the West where they will face the Eskies in the WSF.

I fully endorse these big question answers. :smiley:

I really do hope Ottawa does well, their fans deserve it but is there anything sweeter than beating the dirty birds in the EF?