Remaining schedule for Winnipeg and Hamilton


in Montreal
in Toronto
home to Saskatchewan
in Winnipeg

Blue Bombers:

home to BC
home to Montreal
in Montreal
home to Hamilton

Might just come down to the last game even though Winnipoeg has 3 home games and we gave only 1, they've got Montreal twice.

Man, I hope to God BC can beat them!

I do not think that we will win in Montreal. Therefore we have to win in Toronto, beat Saskatchewan at home then go into Winnipeg and win the final game of the year. We can not rely on Winnipeg to be defeated. We have to win three of our remaing four.

Having said all this it still remains that if the Tiger-Cats play as flat as they did tonight we are screwed.

BC needs that win next week to stay ahead of Edmonton, and to catch a Calgary team that hasn't been very good lately, on offence in particular. The Lions are only two points behind the Stamps and Riders, actually.

I can see the Ticats losing their games in Toronto and against the Riders, especially after tonight. Fortunately for us, the Bombers play the Als twice and it's hard to imagine them winning either of those games.

And that last game will not be at IWS, the stadium that the Ticats have a much better record in.

And here is the remaining schedule for BC:

at WPG
at CGY

And for Edmonton:

at TOR
at CGY
at BC

I see us getting whipped in Montreal...And I mean whipped.

We might get by TO in a squeaker

Saskatchewan will destroy us.They'll be in a battle for a division championship by that time.

We,unfortunately,will not beat Winnipeg at home...

Get ready for 2010 because '09 is over....

I can see that, especially when I saw them whip us at IWS. Ugh!

We might get by TO in a squeaker
I can see that.
Saskatchewan will destroy us.They'll be in a battle for a division championship by that time.
Yes, if we're not out of this "slump". Put me down as one who wants Glenn to start the rest of the season. As it is now, our offense is our weakest link, and Porter's poor starts are big part of that.
We,unfortunately,will not beat Winnipeg at home...
I can see us beating them there. Just hope we're still in the playoff hunt then.

after this game im convinced we might not win another football game untill some changes are made... The OC should be fired now not at end of the season...We are officially the weakest offense going , easy to predict , nothing fancy no big threat even no we have them ....We suck

8) This team will be hard pressed to even win another game this year !!
  They have regressed to the point of the last 3 years now  !!    <!-- s:oops: -->:oops:<!-- s:oops: -->

We are 6th in points for with 322.

Winnipeg has 294, and Torontt 265.

Defensively we are 3rd with 347 points allowed.

Montreal has allowed a mere 215, and Calgary has allowed 336

Yardage wise, we’re 6th offensively and 7th defensively.

That might be good over the season...

How have we been over the last 8 games because that is the trend that is emerging?

Agreed! I've always said its not the first 9 games of the season, it's the last 9.

Here what I feel will happen..

in Montreal Will Lose
in Toronto Will Win
home to Saskatchewan Will Lose
in Winnipeg Will Lose 1 and 5 down the Streach

Blue Bombers:

home to BC Will win
home to Montreal Will lose
in Montreal Will Lose
home to Hamilton will win

2 and 3 down the Streach

It's quite possible it'll come down to the last game of the year.

I can see it now. Playoffs on the line and Glenn gets the start in Winnipeg.

Right now, we need to cheer against the Eskimos.

I 'd say it's much more than "quite possible."
The Cats will HAVE TO win (or tie) that game, Nov. 8th in WPG, unless they can earn at least 3 points more, in the standings, than WPG does in the next three weeks (very unlikely to happen). And, if WPG earns 3 points more than the Cats do in the next three games -- it's over (also very unlikely).

Based on all that's happened, and been said, in both camps over the past few weeks, I'd say the first "unlikely" is MORE UNLIKELY to occur than the second.

And, if it does come down to Nov. 8th, the chances of a Cats' victory (or a tie) are also UNLIKELY.