Remaining Grey Cup Tickets

With the finalists decided I hoped the remaining tickets (I’m guessing 1500 or so) would be gobbled up fairly quickly , however, looking at ticketmaster , that does not seem to be the case so far today .
Lets hope things pick up and by weeks end the GC committee will be able to announce a sellout .

I hope so, too, but those tickets aren`t cheap.

Actually Kevin , they are very reasonable compared to the last few years . You should open the vault and buy a few , I will see you there , leaving Wedensday !.......We can go zip lining together

Weather at this point, early of course, looks decent for Edmonton come Sunday.

Not sure if you’re aware, but there’s a rumor out there that Kevin only ziplines in the buff.

Hard to beat that pizza-and-two-tickets deal for Toronto '16.

Which wasn"t sanctioned by the cfl , the promotion was terminated immediately when the cfl became aware.

Lets talk about the "initial" G.C. pricing at BMO in 2016 !

Sad for the people who see it... but true.

I am too cheap but I I hope you have a GREAT time. :slight_smile:


If they have trouble selling them, they will either get a corporate sponsor to buy them for pennies on the dollar and give them away OR simply give them to various organizations and charities.

No big deal anyways as there are only about 1500 tickets left.

Interesting that in previous years, the game was sold out by Labour Day.

They set aside x number of tix for fans of the two cities that make it to the cup. It looks like there are now less than 500 tix left.

Wouldn’t there be a whole lot of CAL fans wanting to attend now that they know their team is in it?

Many would have already had due to location

According to the link below, there are around 14,000 tix still available, by adding the tickets available by each section... That doesn't seem correct though?

According to this article though, there were 51,000 tix sold since June...

Which is it?

The first link appears to be availablity for 2019 season tickets.

Here in Edmonton the Eskimos / Grey Cup Committee just announced the game is now officially sold out . All 55,819 are gone.