Remaining games

After Saturday's rendezvous with Calgary, the Lions will have 6 games remaining. Two of these will be against Winnipeg in which the Lions should prevail. They also meet Edmonton and Hamilton one more time. The Lions should win both of these games as well. If the Lions take all 4 games they'll end up with 14 points on the season. The other two games are against Calgary and Saskatchewan. Those games are very near the end of the season and those games will likely be mean nothing games for the Stamps and for the Riders since they'll likely have 1st and 2nd place already wrapped up and will want to stay away from injuries going into the playoffs. If so then B.C. might steal one from either of these teams. But if 1st place is still up for grabs between Calgary and the Roughriders then both of these teams will be sure to take the Lions to the cleaners if they can. Still, if the LIons finish off the season with only 14 points it will be only 2 less than last year and better than in worse seasons.

3rd place finishers have been known to go all the way to the Grey Cup and actually win the coveted trophy. Our Lions did it '94! But then they'd finished with an impressive 23 points on the the season.

Personally I think the Lions have played better than their measly 6 points on the season suggests. They should have at least 12-14 points given some of the very close losses. But the reality is, regardless of where they are in the standings and regardless of how much they've improved it will only take a single game of post-season play full of penalties and offensive line brain cramps to finish the Lions off once and for all.


“All you need is ignorance and confidence and the success is sure.?
(Mark Twain)
You need enough ignorance to believe the impossible is possible, and enough confidence to turn the impossibility into a reality. The Wright Brothers were ignorant enough to think that man could fly, and confident enough to make it happen. Napoleon Hill said, “Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, you have the ability to achieve.? Ignorance and confidence can truly be a winning combination.
GO LIONS, GO!!!!!!!!!

I wouldn't say the 2 games against the Bombers are gimmies. I would say if they split, they have a chance, if they lose both, they are out, and if they win both, they are in. Of course I'm hoping for the latter! Go Lions Go! :rockin:

After watching the Bombers last night against Montreal, they definitely are not gimmies. Better do you’re chin straps up tight boys, because the Bombers are gonna be pissed! But first and foremost, Calgary tonight. :cowboy:

Gotta agree with you! I was rooting for Winnipeg and could not believe that call on the Montreal player who caught the tipped ball, had it in his hands, had enough time to turn and take a couple of strides upfield with ball in hand. After being severely hit by the Winnipeg player they rule that the Montreal receiver did not have possession of the ball long enough and ruled it as an incomplete pass. It sure looked like he had possession from what I saw. It wasn’t ruled a fumble and Winnipeg unfortunately did not get the ball back. Stuff like that, especially when the game is so close has got to get the players wanting to eat their chin straps.

I don’t know what you do about stuff like that but I recall it was even reviewed. Winnipeg for sure will not be pushovers but I still think B.C. will prevail. Not a gimme for sure but the Lions I think will win both games.

Vs Winnipeg: Lions have been on a roll recently, but Winnipeg is much better than their record shows. If Printers can clean his fumbles up the Lion should be able to take this one.

@ Winnipeg: BC has played pretty well on the road, but I wouldn't be surprised to see Winnipeg win this important playoff matchup. If I had to put money on the game it would be the Bombers.

vs Edmonton: This is a must-win for Edmonton in terms of a playoff birth but I don't think any form of motivation will help them triumph in this game. If BC plays well against Winnipeg they will be on fire having had a solid September as well. If they do poorly against Winnipeg then this is just as important in terms of getting a playoff birth and they'll need to win too.

@Calgary: Calgary is in a tight playoff race with the Rough Riders and have typically been amazing at home this season. I know BC just beat them?at McMahon but they'll have Nick Lewis back at this point and their offense should be firing on all cylinders this time. BC will need more than Special Teams to win this one, and I don't see it happening in Calgary.

vs Saskatchewan: The Riders have been very iffy on the road this year but they'll have motivation for a first place finish in the West. It's hard to tell if BC will be hot at this point but I don't think Saskatchewan will come over a couple timezones and pull out a win against a pumped up and playoff-ready Lions team.

@Hamilton: Tiger cats are tough at home, and will likely be battling for a first-round home playoff game with the Argos. Lets just hope BC doesn't turn it over 5 times in the 4th quarter.

I know I picked them to win their home games and lose their road games, but Calgary and Hamilton are tough home teams, and Empire field will be fired up with the recent Lions success.