Remaining free agents likely hitting open market

"Justin Capicciotti, defensive backs Jovon Johnson and Brandyn Thompson, running back Jeremiah Johnson and defensive tackle Keith Shologan are all likely heading elsewhere. Others who could find a new home: Quarterback Thomas DeMarco, receiver Marcus Henry, linebacker James Green, fullback Jordan Verdone and defensive linemen Andrew Marshall and Marlon Smith."

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@CFL_News A #CFL insider said Jeremiah Johnson, who earned $65,000 last season, was looking to double that & then some. - @TimCBaines #CFL #RedBlacks
For playing about a third of a season. Sure, dude.

Assuming that's even true, of course. Not wild about relying on "sources" and "insiders".

I'm also not convinced about Capicciotti playing for about $150K. When the hell would he have signed THAT deal? Dude had 20 tackles and two sacks in two seasons with Edmonton prior to being taken in the expansion draft. Not exactly top dollar conditions. He wasn't a free agent last year, unless they quietly rewarded him for an outstanding 2014.

$150k does sound pretty high, isn't that what Foley was making? Not sure if he's quite at his level.

Any idea how much DeMarco was getting? I'll be interested to see what happens if he goes elsewhere. Maybe O'Brien will move up the ladder.

I wouldn't be surprised if they ended up chasing Lulay. Lulay is facing being a back up to a 20-something year old as opposed to a 41-year old. Most teams have their starter picked out but Ottawa would be the team most likely needing to replace theirs soon. Take a year to continue to get healthy and see you in 2017.

I wouldn't be surprised if they ended up chasing Lulay
I was thinking the same thing. He still has a few years left and he brings with him significant CFL experience.

Less flashy, but Toronto's Brendan Gillanders was the Argos special teams captain, I believe, and is originally from Ottawa. Think we can use some help on special teams? :expressionless: Might be a good replacement for Verdone.

Quick reference:

From the Ottawa CitiSun: "Besides, the Redblacks are better off than some CFL counterparts this off-season. With only 12 potential free agents as of Tuesday..."

Capicciotti, Justin OL National
DeMarco, Thomas QB International
Green, James LB National
Henry, Marcus WR International
Hinds, David DB International
Johnson, Jeremiah RB International
Johnson, Jovon DB International
Marshall, Andrew DE National
Richards, Jeff DB International
Shologan, Keith DL National
Smith, Marlon DE International
Thompson, Brandyn DB International
Verdone, Jordan LB National

I count 13. Any guesses as to who might have re-upped? I already removed Jamill Smith because he said on Twitter that he was in for 2016.

On Twitter, Jeff Richards sure sounds like he's a member of the team...Could be that he signed and that it wasn't announced because he's just not well-known.

I'll throw this out here.

[b]Jovon Johnson [/b] One thing I can say is I respect @REDBLACKSGM he's been upfront since day 1! He's very good at what he does and I wish the team much success
Nice to read about the guy who supposedly lied to Kevin Glenn (yet said something totally different publicly) and screwed over running back Jonathan Williams. Ever see THAT guy's Twitter feed? Yikes...

Gord Holder:

The RedBlacks have 11 (free agents to be), including Canadians Capicciotti, Keith Shologan, Andrew Marshall, Jordan Verdone and James Green.
Holder should write about this more often because every time he does, the number gets lower.

Capicciotti, Justin
DeMarco, Thomas
Green, James
Henry, Marcus
Hinds, David
Johnson, Jeremiah
Johnson, Jovon
Marshall, Andrew
Shologan, Keith
Smith, Jamill
Smith, Marlon
Thompson, Brandyn
Verdone, Jordan

So again, 13 listed, even though Jamill Smith says he's signed up again. Jeff Richards no longer appears but he's not showing as signed or extended, his name has simply been removed.

Apparently then, once of these guys in black (in addition to Smith) is signed and unannounced, or doesn't actually belong on the list.

In the free agency preview, Sutherland talks about David Hinds as though Hinds is expected to be back there so I suspect he's the other guy that's quietly extended his contract.

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Tim Baines just posted a list of departing players on Twitter. David Hinds is not included.

Neither is Jamill Smith, mind you, but we knew that already.

Signing Trevor Harris>>>>>>>>Excellent sign for Ottawa and the CFL league stability!! :cowboy:

Yeah, I'm kind of eager for that to be made official. Sounds like the contract is back up money year one, starter money year two, just when Burris should be due to retire anyway.

Meanwhile, Shologan is reportedly going to Winnipeg. I liked him, but I'm not too bent over that one. I liked Zack Evans more.

Jeremiah Johnson offered a deal by BC, apparently.

Right on, this looks to be happening, according to Tim Baines. Verbal agreement. :thup:

Yeah, I'm kind of eager for that to be made official
Just saw a quick clip on Twitter from Desjardin officially welcoming Harris to the team. What a great pick up. Also saw that Jovon may be heading to Montreal. He also posted a comment in the past tense with regards to playing in Ottawa.

Great move Ottawa, getting Harris in the fold. Burris to Harris transition year. Who wouldn't want that tandem.

Ottawa WON ... Toronto ZERO

Looks like that's done too. Kind of too bad but it's not like he was going to be here for another half decade.

Have not heard a thing about Brandyn Thompson. Good young player. Hope (for us) he's flying under the radar and signs back.

Have not heard a thing about Brandyn Thompson. Good young player. Hope (for us) he's flying under the radar and signs back.
Exactly what I'm hoping for. That would be a win for us.
@REDBLACKS are proud to announce the signing of DE Arnaud Gascon-Nadon @AGN45...welcome/bienvenue to the National Capital and #RNation
DeMarco, Thomas Green, James Henry, Marcus Marshall, Andrew Smith, Marlon Thompson, Brandyn Verdone, Jordan
Think we're getting any of these guys back?

Marcus Henry drove me nuts in 2014 with all the drops and what not, but I look at Toronto's young receivers from last year...They all did pretty great under Elizondo's guidance. Henry isn't really in a position to demand high $$. Maybe getting him back wouldn't be the worst thing.

Thompson's the only other guy I care about.