Remaing Free Agents

Sask still has a few free agents unsigned. I have divided them down into potential and unlikely and definitely not. What are you thoughts.



Definitely not

The definitely not, is because they either were cut or are passed their prime.

Unlikely is because they have passed their peak or never lived up to the potential.

Potential is because is because they fit into the scheme of things.


The only one that is a realistic re-sign is Robinson. Jurineak's career is over due to injuries and Mitchell has already re-signed. Don't count out Holmes as may want to come back for less money.

So they have, they also signed Lynch...the site hasn't been updated. I will remove both of them.

I thought fleiszer showed some promise, but perhaps not enough. Still not sure what the status of Nkeyasen is. He has been doing apperances this past month on behalf of the Riders. I guess he is a local guy that they can make use of for these types of things. Maybe it is related to what would happen if he was cut while still injured?

Is Holmes still MIA? Did he turn down the Allouette's offer?

I'm surprised a team like Hamilton or Calgary hasn't picked up Ron Robinson? He showed some promise.

Fleiszer is getting up there in age. I suspect he is gone.

I am not sure, but I seem to recall there being something in the collective agreement, that required teams to carry veterans on the injured reserve list if they got hurt in training camp. If I recall, it was something like 7 years of being player and you get hurt, your salary for the year is covered.

Which Johnson. Belton?


No Jovan Johnson, he was one of the rotating dbs. We carried him all season but only really played in the last few games of the season. He had a good game against Edmonton.

Oh ok. Turns out he's a Bomber now.


I just noticed the posting by Winnipeg.

There aren't many Free Agents left that are worth a look.

I want us to re-sign Rontarius...

Rontarius is gone to Hamilton. He was able to play both DB and LB. I don't know who else on the riders has that skill set right now. We are very thin at LB right now.

Who knows maybe Tillman will pick one of the remaining free agents like C. Anthony, he play okay for Calgary last year.

Man, I really wanting Rontarius Robinson, oh well.

I guess Kornegay falls into the RE-Signed category now!

Holmes will no longer don a Rider uniform. Have you seen the RB/receiver talent in camp? Dressler will take over the KR/PR duties.