Relive the biggest FU in CFL history :)

The Despair, the triumph !

Relive the greatest finish in CFL history

My favorite part is at the 6:46 mark of the video, Riders win, oh no they don't!

Stay classy. :wink:

Fear the 13th man.

I would say running back a kick to the endzone and dropping the ball at the 5 yrd line is a much bigger FU

Well. the Joke will all be on you when the Riders are back in the Grey Cup here in Edmonton and we win this time.

You guys clearly don't have class.

One thing everyone always seems to forget is that We weren't even suppose to have a chance!!

but we had them on the ropes until that point.

If I had a favourite part of the Grey Cup ending it would be this.

After watching the game live, my wife and finally made it back to the hotel after a hell of a walk.

I turned on the TV and Ken Miller is doing an interview.

The interviewer says, "I can imagine how you must feel"

And Miller says, "Actually no. You can't imagine at all how I feel"

Stupid broadcast journalists.

Awww, twisting the knife! Here's my response:

We shall see. Last season I think all 3 of the Riders western rivals under performed. I think it will be a much tougher task this year to get to the GC in both division but even more so the west. Riders lost a lot of talent and experience.

Yeah I guess you could call the Riders penalty with no time left their "Kanye moment" :smiley:

Look how nice this is

Still a proud Rider fan. We've lost games but never lost our franchise........

Ok I'm an Argos fan so I have no strong ties to the riders but I hate the alouettes, even more than the ticats so I rooted for the riders in the grey cup and I felt sorry for them too. To echo the previous post, show some class, the Als were one flag away from being 1 - 6 in the grey cups this decade and duvall was a turkey that whole game and is no hero, he got a 2nd chance and got the ball moved up a few yards. The Als should consider themselves lucky.

You are worse than RLR... congrats... :roll:

regardless i think its funny that we riders are the story and not duval who had a horrible game.
also, if you’ll remember there were lots of flags that were not thrown, if you dont agree check thryllin’s pick of baggs.

aswell can anyone name a closer more intense grey cup in the past 10 years?

so regardless this is behind us Riders fans, so the rest of you need your nuts to drop and leave it alone. new season is here TC is underway!

I live in eastern Québec and I wear my Rider Pride on my sleeve so everyone who knows me knows I'm a Riders fan. I got a good share of ribbing the week or two after the GC, but most Als fans around here accepted that it is almost as embarrassing to win that way than to lose that way. They weren't overly proud of the win, or at least how they won - the kind of humility that earns respect ...

Hfx, why you gotta post stuff like this? I mean, for real, we're on the cusp of a new season. No need to bring Rider trolls out of the woodwork.

My Als won the Grey Cup fair and square, I loved it, I celebrated like a maniac, but the board is reset now, and every team is a potential Grey Cup candidate for 2010 (well, except for the Argos). So let's look forward instead of twisting the knife.

Touche !

The real test will be life after, Calvillo, Cahoon, Popp, Trestman etc.

Oh, conversely, though, anyone who thinks we were lucky to win the Cup can blow it out his/her behind. We outscored the Riders 24-10 in the second half of the game, we orchestrated drive after drive to get within reach, we converted a critical third down, and still put ourselves in a position to win despite blown calls left, right, and center (PI in the end zone, Bratton's supposed no-catch). We were full value for the win.

I’m just trying to help them get motivated for the new season !