Religious Superstar Players!?!?

I wonder if this could ever happen...

I remember a player not too long ago that would have been a 1st round pick in the NFL... had he not informed every team that he would not play in the NFL due to the fact that they play on Sunday's and because of his religious beliefs he would not play on Sunday. I believe he was Mormon.


What are the odds of those fella's playing in the CFL? I think we should lurk around BYU and other high Mormon populations for some unreal Mormon players that would love nothing more than to play on Fridays and Saturdays!

If we landed a good pass rusher we could call him our "Stormin Mormon!".

(Rusty25) If we landed a good pass rusher we could call him our "Stormin Mormon!".
Good one, Rusty! I love this!

So the Tiger-Cats should align themselves with the Mormon Church?....interesting irony :wink:

The way some of them play they're more candidates for the Mormon choir.

Grey Cup games are held on Sundays. What's that? Oh right,it won't matter.

:? Please explain the "irony".

P.S. For whatever its worth Brock Ralph is Mormon.

Rusty, good leap into the whole subject of affiliations. Mormon Church? They could do a lot worse.

Didn't somebody, who shall remain nameless, recently dub the CFL the Canadian Felons League? How's that for an affiliation. If your attachments are to remain open to public scrutiny, they could do worse than having even a vague association with a church.
As to playing the Grey Cup on Sunday, it looks as though it will be some time before Hamilton has to worry about that conflict.

Don't know if I laughed more at your comment or at your sig line! :lol:


An Argo fan

:? Please explain the "irony".

there is new mormon church being built beside the ticats downtown office at main and emerald

Thanks for the info.1tc.

But that's not "irony"
that is a coincidence.

Yes, that kind of "irony" would work better in an Alanis Morisette song.