According to Ed Tait in todays Free Press the following free agents have been released by the Bombers:

Tom Canada
Keith Stokes
Cedric Dickerson
Ryan Folk
Neil McKinlay
Wade Miller
Jamie Stoddard
Gilles Colon
Jermese Jones
Cory Olynick
Darnell McDonald
Ryland Wickman
Antwone Young

The purging has officially begun...........

WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NOT CANADA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OR STOKES!!!!!!!!!!!!!

is that list for real?? if it is i can't believe they would release darnell mcdonald!! that guy showed what he was capable of. and i agree with kanga, why stokes and canada?? god help us

I read it different Pigseye....just four guys ...Darnell Mcdonald....bad mistake....Antwone Young.....Ryland Wickman......Ryan Folk.......why are they releasing guys like DARNELL...and keeping guys like Miller ....and Tee Martin......this team is imploding..... :shock:

They only released Mcdonald Young and Wickman, they shoulda kept mcdonald though

here is hoping that this is just a sick joke.

I mean to get rid of Canada and Stockes, part of the backbone of this team and our recovery, ridiculous!!!

that is the free agent lst. not released. there is a difference

OH! ok, phew! Cool!



What it means is they are all free agents.......and are free to sign with other would think we would try to resign a couple of them but dont be surprised to see a guy like Canada or Stokes go to the highest bidder...

we habe 2 sign those guys back or we will be in another rebuilding year again

for the exception of Canada, release all those guys and sign Korey Banks and Barrin simpson

WHAT ABOUT WALLS....we got to get this guy back in Blue and Gold.... :idea: