Released Veterans availble

between the mini camps a month ago until the rookie camps just finishing there have been several quality players that are availble that could fit in on another team.

Marcus Henry REC EDM He has been through the NFL practice roster limits for 3 years and 3 years in Edmonton basically emerging as their 4th import receiver backing up Stamps, Bowman,and Koch. With Bowman out alot Henry emerged as a solid receiver. big 6’4" physical wth expereinced looked like he would fit in as one of the 3 imports receivers but a new staff comes new players and he has been released. Coehorn and Chambers are set tobe in the line up working there way through and the addition of Foster 6’4" aquired by EDM the esks could be looking to g0o with three Canadian receivers.

Onrea Jones REC HAM Import
just seemed to be the odd man out in Hamilton. He can start,be a 4th import rec, and can play teams as well. As camps go on and some new imports not up to the task Jones should be a nice pick up for any team.

Daryl Stephanson FB/TE Canadian
. has been a bit of a mystery to me. Started as the typical Canadian RB turned FB and with FB out of the mix became a team mainstay in Winnipeg. 2012 In Hamilton he emerged as more than a Teams and extra blocker on offense under cortez playing TE. Cortez fired, Austin Hired, Stephanson released, Cortez hired as OC IN SASK and Stephanson signed. Spent most of the season last year off the roster and on the PR no less in favor of mainstay neil hughes, typical short FB and rookie TE from MAC standing 6’5" more of atrue TE. Coming down the stretch of the season Stephanson was suddenly a big part of the mix on the 42 through the Grey cup victory but released again.
6’2" has shown the ability to catch the ball in a FB/TE package, is a great blocker and teams player.
I would thing that any team in need of a FB that can adapt to the revival of FB’s on CFL offenses as a TE/H-Back and be a full time teams player as well.
There have been some players beingmoved from D to O to fill this spot and several have been drafted the last few seasons Like Lavoi and Delahunt who were instantly successful

Jonathon Hefney import DB/LB
he is one of several import DBs with experience and can play multiple positions still availble. Lin J Shell, Dee Web, Demetrice Morely, Brandon Issaac,TJ Hill all out of this mold have been traded 9or released and signed on elsewhere as their is some veteran shuffling goin on. His Swaggerville days couldmake teams cautious but he can play. Where he wants refused to play SAmLB for the Bombers he has since had a change of heart when he was jobless.

Johnny Forzanni REC CAL An injured FA will not draw much attention. When healthy however he proved he can play in the CFL. A good Canadian receiver, problem is that since the explosion of Canadian receivers being drafted over the last few drafts are starting to come into their own.
Played basketball mostly but did get a season at Washington State and his home town status may have gotten him drafted by the Stamps in a supplemental draft in 2010 after one season at Wahington state but quickly proved himself in 2011 and 2012. Should he become healthy he could be a steal for a team in need of expereinced depth from a Canadian receiver. Or he could be just hangin at home in Calgary while the stamps are seeing if he still can recover.

Robert McCune MLB. An all star last year and now a guest coach in Calgary TC. No idea what that means but he was with the stamps who already had an All star MLB so Jones took him to Toronto with him and he was an all star there.

Scott Mitchell OL Argos realesing a free agent signing Canadian Olineman after only one day does not fair well for him.
Edmonton dont want him. Ottawa singed there number one pick in 2013 to deepen that Canadian Oline even more. BCsigned two top rookie Olaineman 1st rounder from2013 and 2nd rounder this year.
Winnipegs biggest signing was their Oline coach. Bombers giving him a look couldn't hurt

Keron Williams DE - Led the CFL with 12 sacks in 2012, I believe. Got jerked around last year by being moved to DT, which hurt his production, after he declined to sign the option-year contract offered by the Lions.

Arland Bruce SB - Still could probably play, just not on Sams team. :wink:

Keron Williams is a bit of a mystery for sure. I could only guess that at this point that everyone is looking for that NFL FA or NCAA rookie who fell through the cracks to be able to too do the job at a cheaper rate. Otherwise he is tried and proven DE All Star. So I am baffled. I think if Montreal would have si9gned laurent and secured a ratio spot at DT that Williams wouldhave been a no braier to come in and give them Bowman, Williams and lavarius in a great looking rotation and a well used DI spot.

Recently released Marcus Henry signed with Ottawa.

Spend the last 3 years in Edmonton catching 95 balls.

All big time starters!

That is a nice signing I thnk for them.He has had three solid years of expereince in the CFL.
I like the import receivers they brought in with Mitchell, Johnson, and Miles all with CFL expereince and could be ready to break out. Mitchell has had that NFL time for a couple of seasons and Fred Rouse another big 6'4" starting at big time Fla ST with some off field problems finishin at lower levels of NCAA but has talent no doubt.
Henry brings a starters expereince, starting a lot of game in Edmonton.
From the import side with drafting lavoi and Delahunt would appear that the will go FB/TEand 4 wide and an expereinced but older Paris Jackson to come in for 5 wide spots. Matt Carter one of the high round Canadian rec draft picks over the years has never really gotten a shot going into his 6th season though he is just 27 and learning fromJackson could be his shot to get over that hump.

Keron Williams was a DT in Montreal when signed by the Lions a few years ago. Wally received much criticism for moving him to end. Now they want hm to play inside and everyone says he belongs on the end. Keron can play in any of the 4 spots and be an all-star. Maybe he prefers end because ends get more sacks, but I would LOOOVE for him to sign in Regina and take Shologan's spot. That would make a truly sickening defense that nobody would want to play against.

Complete mystery to me why not only he has not signed anywhere, but there has been ZERO talk or rumor of which teams he may have even talked to in the past 4 months. Considering that some had him pegged as the single biggest FA cherry of this off season (easily a top 5 big name), I find this mind-boggling.

Not sure what the hold up is either. I can only suspect that many were waiting on Laurent and his NI status. Laurent has just signed and labor negotiations are waiting for ratification. I would not be shocked to see him signed the same day the agreement gets ratified. I am going to say Winnipeg signs him. They were counting on Lucas to being a starting possibilty and with ratio possiblities playing a part. Now that he is gone Williams an all star suddenly makes that Dline to another level. They have activily went after 3 Athletic Canadian DBs, have an injured draft pick return along with a second yr guy with nice upside

Now that the CBA has been improved and everyone will have one Pre season game under there belt after this weekend we should see some of the top players still available begin to sign on with a team in need of improvement at a position

Winnipeg after the pre season game is very lacking of a dominate MLB. Starting Ian Wild at 207pnds in the MLB spot and a DB at the Will LB spot really has them small.
Also the Bombers only have 3 DTs on the roster.
Also the FB spot only with two Canadians could use some depth and experience.
On this list all three can bring some immediate help depending on where they would see Keron Williams

The roster only shows 3 DTs but there are 5 currently on the roster - Turner, Anderson, Thomas, Mosely, and Fraser. Fraser is on the roster as a DL, but has practiced mostly at DT, Mosely is listed as a DE and LB but has lined up in multiple spots across the DL. They'll probably stick with the top 3 and one of the latter two on the active roster.

They don't need another FB. No much of a need for the FBs other that STs as they'll probably use more 5 receiver sets with a NI SB in for the FB.

Wild at MLB shouldn't be as big of an issue as it's more than likely Kuale gets the job there. He's missed time in practice and the first preseason game due to injury but he's got a history with O'Shea who speaks well of him and he also plays on special teams.

I wouldn't expect Keron Williams here anytime soon and if he is I would guess he's an in season addition and not during TC, otherwise they would've brought him in by now. I do think we may see one or two guys brought in that were late cuts by the other teams, especially if they are NIs.

Newman will get his shot at starting MLB. With the smaller quicker philoshpy on defense it could be the right fit both scheme and ratio. Kuale has not seemed to have been able to stick anywhere. He has gotten plenty of expereince with several teams. His time is running out so hopefully he will break through this time around.