[Released!] Stamps say goodbye to Boerigter


sorry if its been posted already.

but intresting dont ya think? anyteam gonna take a chance on him? or do you think he's damaged goods?

I have a strange feeling... Can you say Argos.

Sign him up.

argos dont want him....bruce, miles, mitchell and talbot...who would they cut?

bo sucks anyways.

He's never been the same since he injured his knee while in the NFL.

An Argo-Cat fan

What have we got to lose?

no...we dont need another WR...these guys are not the problem...signing him will mean cutting a good yound reciever and we already traded one (being getzlaf) signing a guy who had a serious knee injury wont help this team...IMO

The guy has CFL experience. If they're going to insist on playing Maas, then may as well give him receivers with some experience. So the team loses a young, inexperienced receiver; if need be an equally good replacement could be found if Boerigter doesn't pan out.

im not sold on mccants so marc for darnarian

so ur saying take a chance on a guy who's 29 years old, has had only TWO years of CFL experience, with a knee problem (blown ACL only 3 years ago) and who knows if that is even 100%...and release a young WR, who I might add we are trying to develop so we have good players at this position for years to come...all that for an aging WR with a knee problem? That is not a good idea at all. Besides what can he possibly do to help this offense anyways? we still need guys to block for the QB and we still need a QB to get him the ball...

How can we get sold on him when he's not used for what he was allegedly brought here for? You saw what happened, didn't you?

the last thing we need is another reciver

Well, actually he has about 2.5 years experience, which is abou 2 years more experience than most of our receivers, moreover he has NFL experience as well.

It's really conjecture what will happen with the rookie receivers we have now, but one thing is for sure, they're a dime a dozen south of the border, and another one could easily be signed.

I think it's worth giving him a shot for half a season.

Why not!

Wait till he signs with Sask or TO and we'l trade Jesse for him.

Trade Jesse? Never!

post #100000... or so I thought...

Why bring him in, he will never touch the ball anyways. If you can't get the ball to any of our receivers, what makes you think he will matter.