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I think it's safe to say that we are all surprised. But what's one to do when you have a large stable of excellent WRs, and where many are younger and less expensive. I'm not sure you saw Coach O's comments on 3DN, but here they are:

“He came in and he was a pro. He was active the whole time in trying to help the receivers get better. He was even helping Jarryd Banes, our receivers coach, help prepare and do reports. I have nothing but good things about DeVier. There is tough decisions to be made and I don’t relish these ones at all,” Steinauer explains.

“These are tough decisions and there are going to be more to be made. We wish him the best and he was awesome in the time he was a Hamilton Tiger-Cat and I would be very shocked if he’s not playing for somebody by the end of the year.”


No. Guaranteed full season payment, upon a CFL player's release, comes into effect at different points, during a season, depending on how many seasons the player has qualified as a "veteran." In an 18-game season, those points occur after the 9th, 10th, 11th and 14th games. I'm not sure how many seasons Posey would have qualified as a veteran but, I do know, in his case it could be no more than 5 and, if that is the correct number, he'd get full season pay, upon release, only if it occurred after the club's 10th game, in an 18-game season.

Regarding the discussion of our many talented WRs, it'll be interesting, with the release of the depth chart, today, to see who sits to make room for the return of Speedy and Bralon. I think Papi, since he was listed as limited, with a knee injury, all week, and then it's which one of Tim and Steven will remain active. I'd think White, by performance so far, but perhaps Dunbar because he's been playing at wideout.


Yeah, I was just speculating about a "hard date".
Dont forget that the 9th game in a full season is the half-way point. We are just beyond that point in THIS season, so his "deadline" would be approaching fast.

Tucker released.

Well as for an update since this post make that Marshall collecting cobwebs . Tucker has since been released and I guess for the time being the only thing he now will be collecting is unemployment insurance unless someone picks him up that is .

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These purges are interesting. I wonder if their is an O-Lineman on the chopping block once Van Zeyl is ready to go again?

I guess that means no more "Marshall Tucker" comments . . .
"Can't you see?? Can't you see?? What that woman, been doin' to me . . . "

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Perhaps, they tried and didn't get a customer for him. We don't know.

They are pretty thin on the oline to begin with, only carrying 6 on the game day roster. Van Zeyl on IL. Practice Roster has Americans Vornkahl and Yarborough as well as Bencze from McMaster who is another converted dline man and likely long term project. They may choose to bring in another American tackle and possibly let go one of the Americans.

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Trades are very hard to pull off in the CFL.

In the NHL or MLB there are 30+ teams. There is always a dance partner out there and there are always a handful of buyers and sellers. In the CFL there are only 9 teams and many of them are direct rivals. It makes it very hard to make a match.

In the NHL there are forwards defensemen and goalies. Sometimes you might be looking for a tough guy or a center or a penalty-killer but the depth chart is pretty simple ("Hey, I got an extra D-man, you need a 6th guy? Send me that faceoff dude on your 4th line and throw in a late rounder and we got a deal"). In the MLB you have pitchers and batters. Sure there are specialized starters relievers infielders etc, but basically do you need a bat or an arm, do you have a bat or an arm? The depth chart is relatively simple. In the CFL you have o-line, QB, backs, receivers, kickers, d-line, linebackers, DBs and the various specialists within those which I will not list. It's very complicated and all the parts have to fit.

In the NHL and MLB they have a farm system. They can deal vets for prospects. The CFL can't do that, so if you want to sell your 36 yr old QB in the last year of his contract at the deadline for a couple of kids with upside, you have no place to stash the kids. That kind of deal is pretty much right out.

It's almost impossible to salary dump a guy in the CFL through trade. Everybody knows that if you don't make a deal you're cutting him in a couple of days anyways. Why trade for a guy that you could get for free next week? Price is always low.


Except, if more than one team is interested. Then, if you wait too long, you might get scooped by someone else.

Besides, that doesn't mean they didn't try.

True, but that brings us back to the first point, there are only 9 teams, only 8 that aren't the team looking to deal. That GREATLY reduces the chances of having even one team interested let alone more than one.

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There's also the fact that CFL teams rarely trade for a knowingly injured player. It's not like the NBA where a guy, for some reason, still gets signed to a super-max multi-year contract within a week of tearing his Achilles tendon - and this has happened at least twice in recent years (Kevin Durant and Kristaps Porzingis come to mind).

Posey was on 1 game when he was released so likely was close to returning , but age and his past injury issues and other recievers stepping up played a role in him being released

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Posey was a full participant in practice before being released . I'm surprised that the Argos or the two colours haven't picked him up .

Pat Lynch (the old guy)

I want to state clearly that at this point in time it is my opinion that Posey may or may not have a potential - or even actual - effect on the play of another team in the future.

There. I'm good.


I disagree.

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Surprising an ex ticat QB we kicked to the curb dragging himself off the bench to gut out a win didn't get more play.

I would have been happy if the announcers actually called all the plays. There was one occasion where I was watching where they posted 1st and 2 and it wasn't a goalline play. I have no idea what was missed.
Another where for sure they missed the first down play gabbing about something posted on the screen and they didn't even mention the play.

I can't stand Levels, their "my toe hurts" QB or Khari and it will give me great joy when we knock them out of the playoffs.