release the schedule

I hope the league is smart about the schedule. The CFL season has to get off to a strong start.

I know this is alot to ask given tradition, amongst other things I won't get into. What could be better than a Grey Cup rematch in Saskatchewan to kick off the season? Nothing Baby!!

Kevin Glenn will return! Matt Dominguez will be back (who was out of the Grey Cup because of a injury against Winnipeg at the Banjo Bowl)! Stegals quest for the elusive Grey Cup! That's just a whole ton of marketing gold. HYPE HYPE HYPE HYPE !!!!!

I know this would be alot to ask due to the fact our only 2 dates with winnipeg are fixed every year now. But oh BABY! The CFL would be stupid not to do something to take advantage of this.

It promotes the game. Plus it personally promotes players like Kevin Glenn, Matt Domingeuz and Milt Stegal.

Darn...I'm excited just thinking about it!

According to this, the 8 game series does not start until December. There will be no Bills pre-season game in Toronto this year.

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The series, which will be hosted by Toronto billionaires Tanenbaum and Rogers, will start in December of '08 and include five regular season games and three preseason games in alternating years.

I dont know where you got your info but this is on the Bills site, and it says there WILL be a pre-season game in TO in 2008:

...Rumour is that it is taking a little longer this year to finalize the schedule as the braintrust in charge of this task is having a difficult time putting the finish touches to the three back-to-back-to-back games BC and Hamilton will play....every time they think they are done someone sprays laughter tears all over the page and smears it...

...also, Calgary and Edmonton play each other four times all in the space of 18 days - Sept.1, Sept.5, Sept.10 and Sept.14....both teams get three weeks off afterwards....

Good thing this is not a 30 team league

There is a rumour going around that some large rock act is looking at playing at TF in August and that this is delaying the final details of the sched.

Does this roll back mean we get a re-do on the schedule?

You wish.

Yes, I do... Five back-to-backs is cruel and unusual! :lol:

Schedule blows donkey junk. CHANGE IT!!!


Yeah...that's gonna convince 'em to do it...

You mean that's not how you sweet talk someone... ?

I agree :rockin:

Dont hold your breath

I find it interesting the day they release the schedule, the league also releases an article saying how hard and difficult it is to make a schedule. It was almost as if they were anticipating the problems.

Well Coach Berry has said it is the best schedule he has had in two years. At least he doesn't have to play the one team six times in the season.

I definitely think they released both at the same time on purpose.

But I don't care how hard it is. How does Edmonton keep getting these back-to-backs? It's ridiculous.

Montreal only has 1 BTB that I see

That's a crock! How do you get 1 and we get 5? :x

We paid the asking price I guess!

I suspect chief its called having a winning team.