release the schedule

alot of us need to plan things ahead of time. so it would be nice to see the schedule. plus it gives us something to talk about.

Think it came out in mid Feb last year.

Still almost 5 months until the season starts, so there's still time.

Here's hoping for a few less back-to-backs for Edmonton.

I was wondering when this would be posted this year. By the way, the Jays schedule has been on their website for about 8 weeks now. No need for this being this slow at releasing the schedule.

Ya but they Jays season starts 12 weeks before the CFL season.

So some quick math says...if the CFL schedule is out anytime in the next 4 weeks, it will be out as soon or sooner, relative to when the season starts as the one for MLB.
Or to put it another way--how come the NFL doesn't have their schedule out; the Blue Jays have had theirs out for 8 weeks....sheesh...

Yea most MLB teams had their schedules out at the end of last year, so the Argo's knew their open dates.

Well, keep in mind, they now have to talk with the NFL so they can schedule around the Bills 3 pre-season games.

Maybe the Bills and Argos can have an exhibition game... :lol: :lol: :lol:

I’m just waiting to make my vacation plans since the Argo’s hold the key to my trips up to Canada.

I thought I read somewhere last week that because the games are only on TSN this year the schedule was easier to do this time and that it would be out in the next 10 days.

TorontoIsMyHome: My point was that the possible home dates for the Argos shouldn't be hard for the CFL to figure out.....we get the "sloppy seconds", and we're the only stadium that has another major user in the league. Therefore, the schedule shouldn't have any reason for delay.

Another factor is the August Bills game in Toronto, which will probably take preference over the Argos. Like the last American Bowl, the Argos got kicked out of their dressing room for the Bills and had to practice in the parking lot.

Yeah, xvys, that's likely too.

The league is waiting for three things:

(1) Booking of the "Teletubies" at Sky Dome. If Toronto has to host a playoff game.......

(2) Danny Machocia's prior booking on "Dancing with the Stars.

(3) Kerry Joseph's Cameo appearance on Corner gas.

The CFL is just trying to be accomodating to everyone!

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It would sure be more interesting then having to watch Hamilton every year. :smiley:

Any updates on the release?

Not Yet, because:

(1) The Teletubies are in front of the US Senate commitee on Illegal Aliens working in the Country.

(2) Danny Machocia has not yet been eliminated on Dancing with the Stars

(3) And with the writers strike Kerry Joseph’s appearance on Corner gas has been delayed.

:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

....well, we know for sure there will be an nfl/CFL encounter this for OUR reg. season schedule....i think they're still trying to work around the Remembrance Day activities???? :roll:

Well, the schedule was released Wednesday February 14 last year, soooo should be soon. REAL soon.