"Release the Curse" Night@ The Horseshoe!!

Dear Caretaker and the Tiger-Cat organization,

We would like to indulge once more in the courtesy, patience and wide latitude you have shown us so many times in the past, by posting this official ticats.ca announcement about the Forbidden Website's “Release the Curse? event, live at the Legendary Horseshoe Tavern on Grey Cup Wednesday Night, November 21st, 2007. Many thanks in advance for your ongoing tolerance. More information can be found here:


As previously mentioned, The Caretaker has already been extended a cordial pre-emptive invitation. No word yet, but we know our good Caretaker is probably very busy with all the important matters of the day. Therefore, a cordial, public invitation is now extended to the Caretaker and/or the Tiger-Cat representative(s) of his choosing, and we further extend the invitation to all Tiger-Cat employees, players, and fans as well.

It's a perfect opportunity for the Caretaker to address a wide cross-section of the CFL fan community who are concerned for the Tiger-Cats, and who are dedicating their Grey Cup Wednesday Night to this effort to release Hamilton from the curse, thereby restoring parity to the CFL. Even Argos fans, in an impressive display of CFL solidarity, have temporarily put aside their contempt for the board of directors of the Forbidden Website, in order to assist in the effort to release the curse, for the sake of the historic Hamilton-Toronto rivalry.

Of course, in our boundless optimism, we envision the Caretaker taking the stage at the Legendary Horseshoe Tavern and thrilling the forbidden revelers by rescinding the Edict of the Forbidden Chant! In a Grey Cup week otherwise devoid of Tiger-Cat news, it would be much-needed positive (and free) publicity for the franchise. It would also be the feel-good story of the CFL year. And, best of all, it would remove the cloud of the curse from our up-and-coming 2008 Hamilton Tiger-Cat team.

We can leave all the troubles in the past. A fresh start for all of us. Wipe the slate clean. We implore you Mr. Young, release us from the curse.

We realize that this is a best-case scenario, and possibly no more than a pipe dream. There is every chance, we know, that our good Caretaker will not even accept our invitation, and we certainly understand if our request is deemed not feasible. Regardless, we are hoping that this Canada-wide show of support for a live-and-let-live policy toward the Forbidden Chant will perhaps compel The Caretaker to grace us with his presence, and say a few words regarding the curse, even if it is only for a few minutes (although we highly recommend staying for the Hamilton-flavoured song stylings of the Legendary B.A. Johnston).

Who knows, with all this recent news surrounding the Buffalo Bills' incursion into the Toronto market, and the rumours that it involves the very same behind-the-scenes Toronto scheming that the Forbidden Website has always warned about, maybe the Caretaker has even developed his own reasons for reassessing the veracity of our forbidden philosophy?

Wednesday, November 21st, 2007 - 9:00PM
Absolutely Free!!
Featuring a night of CFL and Hamilton-themed entertainment with B.A. Johnston and Special Guests

Join an emergency alliance of Ticat fans, Argo fans, and CFL fans from across the country!
Help restore the lustre of the Hamilton-Toronto rivalry!
Do your part to return parity to the Canadian Football League!
Place your vote for the Argos-Suck.com 2007 Hall of Fame Inductee!

For more information on the “Curse of the Forbidden Chant?, and what you can do to help, please go to www.argos-suck.com/curse

This fine evening of Grey Cup revelry brought to you by:

[url=http://www.Argos-Suck.com;]www.Argos-Suck.com;[/url] [url=http://www.13thman.com;]www.13thman.com;[/url] [url=http://www.thegreycup.com;]www.thegreycup.com;[/url] [url=http://www.lionbackers.com]www.lionbackers.com[/url]

The Legendary Horseshoe Tavern
370 Queen Street West
Downtown Toronto Ontario Canada

What a great idea. I'll be there!


I live in this yuppie enclave stinkhole, love the 'Cats, hate the Argos, and had no reason to fly the TiCat colours at the Grey Cup this year... until now!

Thanks for giving us a fantastic reason to have a party!!!

Count me in! See ya' there BOB!


This just in...representing Toronto at the Horseshoe on "Release the Curse" Night will be none other than the Kings of Queen St., aka the Nuit Blanche show-stoppers ...Sean Ward and the Realness!! Featuring, of course, the soul-synthesizing sounds of DJ Human Kebab.

Watch as Sean Ward and B.A. Johnston musically recapitulate the age-old struggle between Hamilton and Toronto! Who will emerge victorious from this battle for Golden Horseshoe supremacy? Only time will tell.

Still waiting to hear from the Caretaker too. He must be real busy these days.

I'm IN

This forbidden chant garbage is probably one of the dumbest things I've ever heard...What was is Bob wanted us to say Argo's cluck or somethinf like that...C'mon BoB give us back our chant let us show those Argo pukes what we really thing of them...

Even though they have revelled in kicking Hamilton while it's been down lo these last three years, I still kinda feel sorry for Torontonians. Not only do they live in Toronto, but their team is the Argos. It must be akin to having a congenital disease or something.

But, regardless of how one may or may not despise them, even Argos fans have a role to play and a vested interest in releasing the curse.

I think the way that satan justified his existence in the song "Up There", from the South Park movie, applies equally to Argos fans:

"Without evil there can be no good, so it must be good to be evil sometimes..."

Thus the call for a one-night CFL fan alliance, to end the Forbidden Curse, for the betterment of everyone involved. It's a textbook case of win-win.

Bob clearly painted himself into a corner with the Edict of the Forbidden Chant. It is possible that too much time spent in the southern USA led him to forget the true nature of Hamilton, Hamiltonians and Ticat Nation. So, "Release the Curse" night is yet another olive branch being extended by the Forbidden demographic, so Bob can escape from his dilemma, for the mutual benefit of all. Even Argos fans.

Mr, Young:

This thread speaks for itself. Don't attend!

I'd love to go, but I'm working until 8 that night. Have fun guys.

Show up Bob, have a couple of beers, Loosen up...Show everyone your one of the boys...

Stay away, Bob. There is absolutely no plausible reason for your attendance at this event which will put you under pressure you simply don't need.

This group will behave like vultures ready to pounce on a freshly killed carcass in the desert.

I'm with you on the Argos S--k issue and hope you stick to your guns.

This is your football team and such decisions are up to you and only you.

Are you actually serious?? Do you really believe that any of these people would be disrespectful to Bob??

You are right about one thing, Bob does own the team. He can certainly tell us what he wants us to post here and if he doesn’t want that word used that is up to him, but he’s certainly not going to deter me from saying what I want to say outside of this site. I like Bob and appreciate what he has done for this team, but the “chant” is as much a part of Ticat football to me as TC and Pigskin Pete.

Lighten up Rocky123...You can't believe that anyone would disrespect Bob after all he's done for this city...This was supposed to be a humourous thread..Do you really think Bob will show up at the Horseshoe...

Actually we do expect Bob to show up. Almost everyday this week we were contacted by the media about their interest in doing stories about this very event and the Curse.

Ya Rocky, I don't know where you get this impression of us. We're not the pouncing type. On the contrary, we will literally be rolling out the red carpet for Bob. That's about the only thing we're planning to do to him.

And, don't sell Bob so short. Methinks that MR. X knows how to take care of himself. Even through all these tough years, Bob still flits through the stadium and hangs out at TigerTown with the fans. The Horseshoe will be a cakewalk compared to that.

When Bob shows up for the party, he will be treated as exactly what he is: an honoured guest, and the saviour of the Hamilton Tiger-Cats.

You should be there too Rocky!


Are you actually serious?? Do you really believe that any of these people would be disrespectful to Bob??

You are right about one thing, Bob does own the team. He can certainly tell us what he wants us to post here and if he doesn't want that word used that is up to him, but he's certainly not going to deter me from saying what I want to say outside of this site. I like Bob and appreciate what he has done for this team, but the "chant" is as much a part of Ticat football to me as TC and Pigskin Pete.

You may have a point Borehamgirl when you say that the chant is as much a part of Ticat football as Pigskin Pete. Do you think that fowl language in the washrooms and stands are also an intergral part. What about fighting in the stands and drunkenness? Are these integral parts too? The forbidden chant has
incited fights and abusive language right in front of me. (and my grand daughter who is no longer allowed to attend games with me because of many abuses that take place in the stands. She's only 7 and her parents would prefer that she wasn't exposed so early to the language and drunkenness which coincides with so many Ticat games. (And don't tell me that this type of action takes place in every CFL Park in the country, because, having been in all of them, I know it doesn't; not like in our back yard)

Reading through this thread, I don't see where the originator was joking in his attempts to get Bob Young to attend his big event. Whether I read between the lines or verbatim as it was written, I'm pretty sure I'm aware of his intentions along with those who responded.

In terms of Bob Young owning the team, your correct in saying that he has no control over you using the chant away from this site.

Tell me something, where the hell else would you use it?

In response to your question which asks, "Are you actually serious?' I sure as hell am!

Gee, rocky123, Jake was nice enough to invite you too (quoted from elsewhere)...

I encourage all readers of this thread to join us at the "Release the Forbidden Curse" Grey Cup Kick Off Party: http://www.argos-suck.com/curse/

Read the rules to the BA Johnston drinking game and get ready for FUN!

Hey Mikey03, you're invited too.


Geez Rock for someone who doesn't like profanity you seem to use it in a lot of your posts...If you believe that drunks and fights are unique to Cats games your kidding yourself...Go to a Esks vs Stamps game if you want to hear foul Language....The chant is a part of Ticat history,It is not profane it actually means Argos's stink...To ban the chant is moronic....

Bob, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please break the curse. Crude or not, that cheer is part of Hamilton and the 10,000 fans like me that are still showing up to games and will as long as their is football in Hamilton.

Taking back the Edict of the Forbidden Chant doesn't mean that you'd be "defining the Tiger-Cat organization with a negative". It would just be embracing a perfectly healthy competitive spirit, with some Hamilton grittiness thrown in. You don't even have to say the Forbidden Chant, you'd just need to take back the Edict of the Forbidden Chant.

I'm off to the game, eat'em raw. :slight_smile:

Well said, that's it exactly.

Status quo antebellum.