Release of Frank Cutolo

I'm also an American and I've enjoyed CFL football since I used to watch it in college in Buffalo, New York.
My question is why did Frank Cutolo get released by the Ottawa Renegades, and has he been picked up by any other team. My reason for asking is because I met Frank on a flight to Seattle several years ago when he played for the BC Lions, and he seemed like a really nice guy.
More questions from me:

  1. Why is there no blocking allowed on punt returns but blocking is allowed on kick-off returns?

  2. Why were there two teams in the CFL at one time with the same nickname (Ottawa Rough Riders and Saskatchewan Roughriders)?

  3. Why is it that the defense must play one yard off the ball? If this was the rule in the NFL, nobody would ever be stopped on 3rd and 1 or 4th and 1.

  4. Why is it that even on a missed field goal, if the ball goes into the end zone, the kicking team still gets one point (single) if the ball isn't run out of the end zone?
    Thank you for your help and being so kind to answer my questions.


Well this is a bit of smart-alex answer but.......
Those are the rules. Other than that what can we say. except

  1. You are allowed to block on punt returns, if not every punt would be brought back for a touchdown.

  2. I donno

  3. If you can be stopped on 3rd and 1 in the CFL you can be stopped on 4th and 1 in the NFL

  4. You said point "even if" but it's "only if" the team does not run it out. There is no point awarded if they get the ball out of the endzone.