4 and 3 not a bad start.

Expected a little more tonight, but a very nice come back in the second half.

12th man in Regina with a sold out crowd in the rain and cold certainly helped the Riders.

Lets do same for the Cats for the rest of the season.

Keep the faith my brothers!

We came out flat, came back but ran outta gas. When your offense is on the field for 15 minutes out of 45 minutes, you can tell that you aren’t doing much.

The big thing is that we are competitive and are in games. We can’t win them all but we will never give up.

I agree. You win some, you lose some. This one was disappointing, but it was a hard fought loss and we still hold second in the east and are tied with the first place teams in the west. Let's not abandon ship.

I`m happy with our Cats. Were 4-3, we have a good team and we have 11 games left. There is no need for panic!!

13th man.

The 13th man......wore stripes, in this game. :thdn:

Normally, I don't like that idea, and I'm not saying the Riders didn't deserve to win, but they did blow a major call on the Weston Dressler touchdown. How they didn't see Gordon get mugged when he had Dressler in his sights is beyond me. The Riders may have one anyway because they won by 10 but it is almost certain he would not have rounded the corner and made it up field to the endzone on that play!

Now, having said that, the Riders still deserve credit for the win.

This is the one where we burn the game film.

S#it happens.

i really have to say kudos to everyone in this thread... I came on here expecting to see all kinds of ripping, and to my surprise we are all calm and taking this loss in stride

yes we came out flat, and im sure that will be the focus of the next two weeks of practice (bye week)

the third was a thing of beauty, and the fouth wasn't bad either

lets make sure we show them the support they deserve and fill ivor wynne for the rest of this season

Glenn hadnt seen game action for over a month. Then throw him out in the wet and cold. He gets the benefit of the doubt.
Marshall has to do something vs. the run.
McDaniel isnt bad on returns but he doesnt appear to be a threat anymore either.

You're got the right attitude. There seems to be a lot of parity in the league this year, except for Montreal. The teams with the best QB performances are going to win in most cases.

It will be interesting to see how this team comes off a Bye week????????????????

Yea the 13th man that's why we got flagged in the last few minutes - too many men 13 players on the field.
I'm disapointed I thought we were going to go 16-2...........I guess we can hope for 15-3