Relax - Look at the Eastern standings

Toronto 2 - 2
Montreal 2 - 3
Hamilton 1 - 4
Winnipeg 1 - 4

Why panic?

why panic? panic because we have 1 win in 5 games. and are tied for last in the league

And that we are getting worse and our competition is getting better.

We're one win (2 points) out of first in the east. :wink:

And we're sure to get them next week when we meet Montreal. 2 points might not seem like much but you might not see them until next year

Are we? if the blue team pulls out a win on sunday we will be 2 wins (4 points) out of first in the east, and our next game is against the same team that embarrased us in week 1

But Kirk, we can't win. So at this point one win appears to be insurmountable. It might as well be 10 wins if you ask me.

Toronto 2 - 2 Montreal 2 - 3 Hamilton 1 - 4 Winnipeg 1 - 4

Why panic?

Oh I don't know, I guess some fans would like to see a playoff game. What are we 1 or 2 loses from flushing another season down the toilet. At least the wife is happy, she'll soon get the remote control back. :lol:

Captain your optimism is ... very optimistic :wink:

3 home losses. Easiest schedule so far. Fun things like home and away games against BC still to come. Worst offense in the league. Coach who openly admits he doesn't have a clue.

Too true! Let's take comfort in the fact that it's not just us, but our entire division, that blows. :oops:

Why panic?
Have you not seen this team play this season?
Have you not seen the lousy play calling and game planning?
Have you not seen that the level of play by the other teams this season is waaaaay higher than ours despite the great players we have?
Have you not noticed that we seem to be avoiding giving Jesse the ball and not allowing Zeke to do what he does best?
We have a coach with 4 wins in 23 games.
And you ask: "why panic"?
The danger though, is that no-one will panic because the fans will cease to care if this season continues like 2007. :expressionless:

Being two points out of first means very little when your Printers led offence looks incapable of fast reads ,or whatever is wrong with them....?We could be in first place it wouldn't help,this offence doesn't look good,again with Printers at the helm.........................................

I'm more concerned about the Western Standings. Right now we're 2 games out of the playoffs.

Saskatchewan 4- 0
Edmonton 3-2
Calgary 3-2
BC 3-2
I'm not in panic mode,but something has to improve very fast.

Can they win at least 8 of their remaining 13 games, to head off a possible western crossover? That's a tough one, because Montreal, Toronto and Winnipeg will certainly be pulling ahead over the next few weeks: they are veteran teams.

to borehamgirl: I wouldn't worry too much about the crossover possibility. It almost never happens. (3 times if I recall)

The West standings are a little inflated because the western teams are feasting on teh eastern teams. What will happen is the West teams will play the West teams and the East will play the East and the standings will even out. Expect 3 teams from both divisions to go to the playoffs.

If the Cats want to make the playoffs they'll probably have to win 8 games. I know 8-10 sounds underwhelming, but that record should be enough to get 3rd place in the East.

Hate to say this but unless we are 2nd
We won't make the playoffs
The west teams are Good this year
IMO there be a west Crossover.

Some teams will have to tank it for the Cats to be playoff bound

I'm with Crash.

We're competetive and at times one play away form winning ( Drssler's 60 plus yard pass and run, and Woodcock catching the game winning pass out of bounds)

We could easily be 3-2.

Fact is we're not. We're 1-4, but a much better 1-4 than the 0-5 last year at this point in the season.

And there you have it. Another Toronto loss.

Montreal 2-3
Toronto 2-3
Hamilton 1-4
Winnipeg 1-4

One game behind first with 13 games left to play.


...... We're 1-4, but a much better 1-4 than the 0-5 last year at this point in the season.
Cap'n: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

This has to be the biggest spin on futility I have read in years.
Its as bad a John Madden's classic read on the Dallas Cowboys a few seasons ago..."they're in 3rd place in their division...but they are the best 3rd place team I can remember."
Cap'n...Charlie is 4-23. We are still 1-4 this season. We are what our record is! Sorry but the rest is all useless happy talk.