Relax..... It was one game

Calm down people. It was one poor game, in a short week, where we were missing our top offensive player. No one needs to be fired or cut yet. The cut (insert name) threads have been piling up non stop in the past 24 hours, and I will admit I was right in there with all of you at the teams throat, but I have realised this team is young, and even the best of teams have a bad game. We played 2 great games, one we lost and one we were victorious, but after one game the disease is back. That disease being a negative attitude. Even my superbowl champion New York Giants got blown out at mid season by the Minnesotta Vikings by 30 points, and they turned it around. Look at BC, after getting absolutely slaughtered by Sask. one week, they come right back the next and obliterate Winnipeg. Give the team some time, and we will be right back to where we were weeks 2 and 3, we have a big opportunity for a few wins coming up playing Edmonton and Toronto again, so keep those chins up, and drag your butt on down to Ivor Wynne next Friday!

Looks like winnipeg is getting back to form. Hope they don't comeall the way back before the Ticats play them.