Relax everyone

Either Toronto or Montreal will be 2-4 next week,

If we win we'll be one game behind. Relax everyone.

2 and 4 actually

relax? how r we supposed to relax when we r shit every season and we cant score a TD

and we dont even hand the ball off to lumsden

oh and the thing that pisses me off the most is....why not start chang? wats the worst that could happen we always lose anyways

i mean if it wasnt for nick setta we wouldnt have been in last week's and this week's game

Cannot A Touchdown Score

No sense trying CK.. the Lynch mob is at it again.. it's like they are a Zombie mob... one guy bites and all of a sudden we have 40 zombies all growling the same filth... I'm personaly tired of these whiners, IMO Maas had a good game, it's not HIM that sputters in the red zone, it could be the opp D or the receiver or the REF.

Whatever it is, it will pass and by then the Cats will be better off, as the true fan will still be standing and the fairweather fan will be jumping back on the wagon..

Man Too many Field Goals...
1 Major this year Gardner ...
Somthing needs to be done

Maas stunk AGAIN!!!!!!!! Asfor the relax bit, we regressed tonight and a victory seems like a longshot next week

Half the distance ,you must be kidding that Jason Maas "had a good game ".

I hope you guys dont start Change next week because he really does scare me.