"Relationship between Riders and Shawn Lemon has soured"

I noticed he was 3rd on the depth chart but assumed he was nicked up. Not big on unnamed sources but Dunk is pretty reliable so who knows.

Multiple CFL sources say the relationship between defensive end Shawn Lemon and the Saskatchewan has gone sour and the club is actively trying to trade the 27-year-old.

Lemon is listed third on the depth chart for Thursday’s season-opener against Toronto and some say he could be scratched from the game day roster. Sources say there is friction between Lemon and the coaching staff led by new vice president of football operations and head coach Chris Jones.

“Trouble in paradise. Probably not a Chris Jones guy,? said one CFL personnel man. “They dangled him more than a week ago.?

Lemon was originally signed by the Winnipeg Blue Bombers in 2011, moved on to Saskatchewan that same year, then spent time in the Arena and Indoor Football Leagues. He joined the Eskimos in 2012, then broke out with the Calgary Stampeders in 2014, recording 13 sacks and eight forced fumbles (a CFL record) while winning a Grey Cup championship.

After pursuing NFL opportunities, Lemon signed with the Ottawa Redblacks last September, adding five sacks during the team’s run to the Grey Cup. He left the nation’s capital to chase the NFL a second time but ultimately signed with the Roughriders in January, a move that led to a Twitter spat between Lemon and Ottawa general manager Marcel Desjardins.

Lemon maintained a high profile over the winter and was part of the Saskatchewan contingent sent to Toronto for a marketing and media blitz in April. But things have not gone according to plan on the field in Regina.

“Lemon wants out to be a starter elsewhere,? said another source.

Saskatchewan signed Lemon to a contract worth a reported $170,000 for 2016 with a whopping $85,000 signing bonus – which will count against the Riders’ cap even if they are able to move him. Despite the reduced financial burden, sources say the market for Lemon isn’t robust.

“Not. Much.? said a CFL source when asked about what Lemon might bring in a trade. “It’s going to be hard to do.?

Who cares
CFL players are like used underwear. You can throw them away, and you can replace them with a penalty taker for 50k...CFL management does not give a shit about any player.
The Riders disposed of their entire team this last off season, because Chris Jones didnt like they way they didnt remember his cats middle name.He even told the first overall draft pick to get fucked

Funny, they signed JSJ to a 3 year deal
You would keep the bulk of a 3-15 team would you? Most of what they dumped was from a horrid D

Is this a case of Dunk having an in or feeling a need to get a hot story, true or not, because he was wrong on his last BS he put out on JSJ and just jumping on the game day depth chart thing? Jones has said that it will be high rotation...which is what he did last year as well with the Esks so... We should know more tomorrow I guess...I know Lemon has been taking less #1 reps since he laid someone out in camp and got sent off the field by an irate staff

“Trouble in paradise. Probably not a Chris Jones guy,? said one CFL personnel man.

what does this mean exactly?

that you're personality must jive with Jones or you're gone?
that you have to kiss Jones butt and spit shine his shoes every morning?


I would think this is since Lemon took a teammate down in camp. Similar incident happened in the BC Camp awhile back in Kamloops with Messam when he punched someone out.

85k up front LMAO ! and Durant takes a pay cut :lol: :lol: :lol:

and? This has what to do with the subject?

Oh, he's just anti-Rider anything. Doesn't matter what the topic is.

I would say it shows lack of vision and management skills on the part of Jones.

Lemon changes teams almost every year:

Winnipeg Blue Bombers (2011)* Saskatchewan Roughriders (2011) San Jose SaberCats (2012) Orlando Predators (2012) Sioux Falls Storm (2012) Edmonton Eskimos (2012–2013) Calgary Stampeders (2013–2014) Pittsburgh Steelers (2015)* San Francisco 49ers (2015)* Ottawa Redblacks (2015) Saskatchewan Roughriders (2016–present) * Offseason and/or practice squad member only
That tells me something about his personality, and it's not something that would make me want to give up anything in return for him in a trade if I were a GM. Talented or not, he's not a guy who is going to stick around.

Sucks for the Riders, as if they don't use him, they're still paying above league minimum for him for the rest of the year (the bonus money is already gone and is just a write off at this point, but the rest of his salary is $85,000). There's likely no takers in a trade. They could release him to free up the cap space, but that lets someone else come in and grab him for cheap.

At the Eastern final last year, I saw this dude wearing Redblacks "merchandise" that was clearly home-made. Like a t-shirt with iron-on letters and I think he had taped a cut-out of the logo and slapped it on a black cowboy hat. That kind of thing.

Found it kind of funny at first, but felt kind of bad later, thinking maybe he didn't have a lot of money but still wanted to show his love for his team, whatever.

I found out later it was Shawn Lemon's dad. So maybe he's doing fine financially, but if he had to buy new merchandise every time his kid switches teams, it wouldn't be long until the Visa bill became kind of heavy.

That's hilarious ! :thup:

How is having a GM have a player take a 10 point reduction poor management skills? That sounds silly.

As far as the actual topic, I would say that the Lemon bonus shows he knew Chick negotiations were not going well and he knew there was a chance he would be gone and he was covering the clubs arse at DE...can't blame him....you need to have a good DE and there was no assurance on a guy like Newsome coming on board at that point.

Ego Jones not getting along with his players - - who could have seen that coming?

With that many teams since 2011 and considering his performance when playing, obviously plenty of coaches are taking notice of Lemon's high talent yet all have failed in some bid to "turn him and around and mold him into a team player."

Something tells me the next coach won't hesitate to take a chance despite the adverse experience overall for Lemon.

But I doubt the next team will pay much for him at this point, and that's on Lemon.

He appears like quite the head case.

OT but related in a way:
I had heard for a long time that the BC situation was a locker room one for Messam, but I had not heard that. Any other stories? That's another guy who has been on so many teams. Why? :?

I do recall when he went to Miami when Messam was hurt in camp and did not make the roster and that was it for the NFL.

A - this is all speculation at this point
B - Lemon stands with public conviction there is no issue
C - He was beat out for his #1 job fair and square
D - Murphy has stated there is no issue
E - Jones has stated it is a heavy rotation position. If Lemon sees nominal time or does not make the 44, then there might be more to it
F - Even if he is shopped it does not automatically equate to tension
G - Jones clearly gets along with many pretty well, or they wouldn't be following him and tweeting out "all I want for Christmas is my HC back"
H - There most definitely was tension at some point. No idea if it is still there, but it was not a "Jones ego" thing....EVERYONE was pissed off because of a ridiculous hit in camp
I - There is speculation that a certain GM may have put this out there as the "source" to try to sour a particular trade that he has some level of interest in

Messam and Paris Jackson had a "disagreement" in the room that ended with one punch from Messam and a broke jaw for Jackson.

That was the beginning of the end for him in BC. And then the training camp situation sealed his fate there.

Buono had/has a bunch of baggage handlers who would report on everyone to him. No-talent baglicks such as Javy Glatt and washed up scrubs like Fungus Reid.

They ended up snitching to Buono that "Jerome had a girl in his room!" during training camp.

Messam was a solid teammate but didn't play Buono's little games of BS.

Taman got run in Regina because he gave out too many asinine contracts, but look at the laughable deals that Ego Jones has made - - the humiliating Mo Price debacle and now another case of flushing a big signing bonus down the toilet on a me-first nut job like Lemon.

Can I ask if there is hard evidence that Lemon is not a team player, other than the fact that he's played for a lot of teams? Because if it's just a question of him being well-travelled, well, what does that have to do with ego or attitude? Maybe he just wants the best contract every time and isn't willing to give himself to a business that doesn't give back, that discards players the second they are perceived to be past their best-before date. Teams bring in guys for a year or two, then cut them, usually in favor of younger, cheaper players. Why is it OK for a team to treat a human being like horsemeat but not OK for the human being to treat contracts as purely business transactions? (which they are)

These guys aren't playing for seven-figure salaries, man. Anyone who wants loyalty should be prepared to pay for it. You can't pay rent off loyalty.