Reknown soothsayer picks Riders to win Grey Cup

On a remote Gulf Island just off the East Coast of Vancouver Island lives someone who has the reputation of being Canada's answer to Nostradamus. This amazing lady has predicted correct elections results , Stanley Cup Champions, the fall of the stock market, the breakup of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, WWF title matches, and the cancellation of the Beachcombers.
This icon of soothsaying was approached politely by a reporter from the Victoria Times-Colonist newspaper this morning and she was asked who will win the Grey Cup game in Calgary this coming weekend. Without missing a beat she apparently replied:
East is East and West is West
but never the Twain shall meet
but on the sunday coming soon
the Alouettes will taste defeat
The glory of the past will fade
as the mighty Als will fall
another chapter of history made
the green riders standing tall
so in the end when all is done
the news headlines will clearly say

yeah but Nostradamus is picking the Allouette.

It is clearly predicted in the following:

"In the 8th year following the new millenium, the bird shall prevail over the equestrian in the city of cows" It is written, it can't be denied.

You can tell that's wrong from the second line, Twain did meet East and West when Shania performed during the Grey Cup halftime show a few years ago. :smiley:


8th year following the millenium = 2008 we are in 2009
the equestrian = calgary stampeder
the bird = montreal allouettes
city of cows = montreal cause the first jersey cows brought into the country were brought into montreal


so in the end he only got the result wrong

...she's also apparently the largest consumer of psilocybin mushrooms on Saltspring....

No 8th year of new millenium is 2009, we start with year 1 there was no year zero.
Roughrider + equestrian, google San Jaun Hill
City of cows, Beef cows, jerseys are for wearing, cows are for eating!

ya but nostradumass was wrong all the time.

Hey, I just thought of a great new username for ya!!

Burn! :lol: :lol: